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Yesterday, 09:26

Business will welcome helpful guidelines from the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) on how much involvement and influence HR should have in disciplinary investigations.

Mark Prince of KPMG.

There’s a really good test on whether or not an economy is competitive on the world stage which is basically whether or not it can earn enough money from exporting to buy the goods that consumers want to import.

Louise Cardwell of Ashton KCJ.

None of us like to think that one day we may not be capable of dealing with our affairs. However, mental incapacity is something that can affect any of us and whilst for some it may be as a result of a degenerative illness, it could affect you without warning, perhaps as the result of an accident.

Peter Harrup of BDO

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has recently published a consultation document entitled “Improving Large Business Tax Compliance”.

Lloyd Clarke of Attwells Solicitors.

The European Court of Justice has ruled that, in circumstances where workers do not have a fixed place of work, the time spent by those workers travelling each day between their homes and the premises of their first and last appointments will now constitute “working time”.

Victoria Spellman of Gotelee Solicitors.

Online content has the potential to reach a global audience and what is posted online can have far reaching consequences for the reputation of a business.

Mark Prince of KPMG.

This newspaper recently reported that 23% of jobs outside London pay less than the living wage, as opposed to just 19% in the capital.

Joel Furniss of Ashton KCJ.

I recently acted for the sellers of a company and a question arose regarding the use of virtual data rooms.

Peter Harrup of BDO LLP.

Let residential property is currently treated as a “property business” for tax purposes, and interest paid on a loan used to purchase such property can be deducted from the rental income received.

Andrew West, Gotelee Solicitors.

Where a worker has been on long-term sick leave and hasn’t used their holiday entitlement, they may be able to carry it forward to the next holiday year.

Mark Prince, KPMG

The recent news that over 100 businesses in East Anglia have been given grants totalling £10.7million from the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership’s Growing Business Fund demonstrates a real appetite for growth in the region.

Alexandra Pilc of Ashton KCJ.

Landlords must act to avoid ending up in hot water over heating supplies – they must comply with the introduction of individual metering and charging on communal heating and other forms of heat networks.

Lloyd Clarke of Attwells Solicitors.

Each October brings about a swathe of new employment law legislation and this year is no different.

Peter Harrup of BDO LLP.

The growth of self-employment (including personal service companies) is a phenomenon of the economic recovery: the Office for National Statistics estimates that 15% of the total UK workforce (4.5million people) now work for themselves.

Clare Richards of Barker Gotelee.

A potential buyer of a business or company usually carries out an investigation into the target before buying.

Mark Prince of KPMG.

Fraud, whether personal or business, can cause irreparable damage and often takes considerable time and money to resolve. Yet despite warnings about the dangers of failing to put protective measures in place, individuals and organisations continue to fall victim to fraudsters.

Andrew West of Gotelee Solicitors.

For most people, using social media has become part of the daily routine, whether at work or at home.

Peter Harrup of BDO LLP.

For most company owners, the biggest news from the summer Budget was the increase in the rates of tax on dividends.

Nick Palmer, a partner at Barker Gotelee

If you run a business, what would happen if you became ill and unable to sign a contract or authorise a bank transfer?

Mark Prince  of KPMG.

We usually associate the living wage with campaigns for the rights of employees, but the announcement in the Summer Budget that a National Living Wage is to be made compulsory isn’t just good news for the two million people who will get a significant pay rise.

Kate Williamson, an associate at Ashton KCJ.

The franchising sector has evidenced considerable growth where many other sectors have struggled during the recent downturn.

Matthew Cameron of Ashton KCJ

We often receive enquiries from owners of private companies who tell us that they are interested in buying a property in France, with cash from their company.

Peter Harrup of BDO LLP.

All employers that reward employees using share schemes must file annual returns and, for 2014-15 onwards, they must be filed online.

Marie Allen, employment partner at Gotelee Solicitors.

Employers must consult collectively when 20 or more redundancies are proposed at any one establishment within a 90-day period – but what is an “establishment”?

Mark Prince of KPMG.

We all have to deal with some form of red tape, whether signing up to a new GP, applying for a student loan or getting a mortgage.

Will Oakes of Attwells Solicitors.

As we know, the Conservative Party was elected to government on May 7 and, having won a majority of the seats in the House of Commons, the Tories are promising to implement the whole of their manifesto.

Steve Muncey, Senior Partner for KPMG in East Anglia

As we approach the General Election, what can East Anglia’s SMEs do to thrive? East Anglia is brimming with SMEs, from established family businesses to start-ups. Through enterprise, creativity and hard graft, they have all played their part in driving the economic recovery.

Victoria Spellman

In the summer of 2013 London hosted the World Pole Dancing Championships. This nugget of general knowledge had passed me by until I read the judgment handed down in the case of Vertical Leisure Ltd v (1) Poleplus Ltd (2) Peter Bowley (2015).

Sarah Duncan of Atwells.

The recent demise into insolvency of G B Solutions Ltd, a major contractor which owed two subcontractors alone £230,000, should act as a reminder to all subcontractors to manage their cash flow during the course of a project.

Steve Muncey of KPMG.

Towards the end of 2014, the flurry of good economic news was hit by choppy international waters.

Abi Adams of Ashton KCJ.

A personal remark on a personal Twitter feed can be reasonable grounds for disciplinary action by an employer.

Richard Wood of Employment and Advice Solutions

I have disappointing news for builders and carpenters across Europe! Employers will not be required en masse to widen their doors, or to reinforce all of their furniture, as a consequence of a recent ruling of the European Court of Justice.

Andrew West  of Gotelee Solicitors.

“Think I just hit a cyclist. But I’m late for work so had to drive off lol.” Newspapers reported that the author of this tweet was sacked by his employer last month, despite his claim that there was no truth in what he’d written and that it was just a bad joke.

Steve Muncey of KPMG.

They say good news comes in threes and it certainly seems to be the case for the economy in East Anglia and the rest of the South of England.

Annabel Mayer of Ashton KCJ.

What should a landlord do on discovering that its tenant has made an authorised assignment of its lease to a third party without the landlord’s prior knowledge or consent?

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