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  • IT'S ABOUT TIME RESIDENTS SAY "NO" TO THE WATERFRONT! Half of the land is private - no right of way... including through University Avenue near the car park - you are affectively trespassing to access from that way. ******************* Apparently the structure isn't safe, claims this newspaper from professional advice of a structural engineer a year or so back... the weather since cannot be improving this. If this was professional advice and not hearsay - it needs to be knocked down and rebuilt. At current there is no (or very little) profit in cost of knocking it down and rebuilding - just think how much of a loss it would be if the "homes" were reasonably priced. ******************* The council's inability to "zone" has stalled the wet docks development... the belief of building the university and the rest taking place as a result (of course some pre-date the uni development) - lack of planning - has caused major problems. Residential building is big as the riverside tick box adds value and being close to a university and a future "tourist attraction" helps. The council didn't really consider employment, retail or leisure. The truth is they didn't care... the university is a big boost for the town (and county) and is something added to their portfolio when they restart their "make Ipswich a city" campaign. ******************* The council should be making a compulsory purchase order on most of the land (particular the lorry park in the middle) on the "island" from New Cut East, turning it into a car park, recreational space, retail or relocating the town market there. ******************* The fact is IBC cannot afford it, they refuse to borrow to finance it and ironically since the pipe dream of making Ipswich close to a "seaside destination" as possible, the land has increased in value - doubled no doubt. The dream must STOP - and effort and monies need to be invested in the town centre... that's the traditional East to West axis, not just the Cornhill area!!! ******************* The waterfront is horrendous - who wants to visit to see unoccupied overpriced flats, derelict buildings, overpriced food and drink and having to walk underneath buildings... a proper architect would have removed the need to keep those ugly pillars; no doubt its a "feature" for the waterfront considering it rains more times than is sunny here. Everyone says it, "the Waterfront is lovely on a sunny day"... but more times than not its either cloudy or raining. Its REALLY SAD people visiting have to imagine what it would look like when completed in 10 years time, no other place do you go, and have to judge it on what it could become rather than what it is, today.

    Ipswich Entrepreneur

    Thursday, June 05, 2014

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