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  • You played a good game Scott but you were easily beaten with a simple trick. You are pro-Waterfront and anti-town; yet considering the council wants to make the waterfront the town centre... with the improved "links" between the two... you disagree with moving the market there... why? I seem to recall you being in favour of the event stalls at the waterfront, so why not move the market there? There is car parking both sides of the waterfront and all around with a few minute walk, many much cheaper than the town car parks. Its also less stress and traffic lights in many cases. ******* If the island was transformed into further car parking AND buses actually went to the waterfront (the lack of - including the free Saturday bus - shows its not commercially viable) it would be a better place for the market to be held and strengthens the waterfront's credentials. ***** As for the wine rack - a tourist attraction that will surely be missed - the developers are interested in profit (you said something like that in your previous post) and as soon as its sold they don't really care about if it falls down or have problems. I can also reveal Marina Developments (Ipswich) Ltd is a start up business... so if there were problems with it the company can fold and walk away from any financial problems surrounding it. I am sure its safe... ****** I can reveal Mr Howard has a history of resigning from 23 positions and has been involved in 27 dissolved companies. Mr Scowsil has 15 resigned positions and been involved with 17 dissolved businesses. Enterprise is about taking risks that do not always pay off... but those numbers are high and most are property related. Go figure.

    Ipswich Entrepreneur

    Thursday, June 05, 2014

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