WORK to bring superfast broadband to most households and premises in Suffolk has kicked off as representatives from Suffolk County Council and communications giant BT took their places together at the council’s home at Endeavour House.

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Ambitious plans intended to give every household and business premises in the county access to broadband speeds of at least 2 megabits per second (Mbps) by the end of 2015, and over 85% access to superfast coverage, took a significant step forward just before Christmas when Suffolk County Council and BT signed a contract under the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK programme.

It agreed the organisations would work together to revolutionise broadband through the provision of a fibre network by BT.

The joint team is now working out of Endeavour House and is planning work across the county which is due to get under way in the next few months.

“Improving access to broadband is going to help Suffolk’s economy grow by as much as 20% and will create up to 5000 new jobs.” said Councillor Mark Bee, council leader and chair of the Better Broadband for Suffolk programme board.

“It’s encouraging that the joint team is now up and running. Their great experience and enthusiasm is laying the ground for the practical work to get under way.”

Ifftner Solutions, an IT recruitment firm based at Adastral Park, Ipswich is one of the many firms in the county which has benefited from the superfast broadband drive, but did not fully appreciated the advantages until it had it.

Managing director Jim Marshall said they had anticipated that superfast broadband would speed the efficiency of our operation.

“We have been able to get our product to market more quickly and efficiently and employees have experienced less frustration in engaging with things like electronic billing,” he said.

But he added: “We did not quite appreciate how superfast broadband would change the way we manage our internal IT Infrastructure and how in turn this could alter our way of working.

“Our staff can work as efficiently in terms of technology from remote locations as they can in our Adastral based office. Having this type of superfast broadband has made a real and lasting difference and its vital the Suffolk economy that more and more local based firms get the same access.”

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  • I think that the choice of BT is possibly the worst strategic decision that could have been made. If they had wished to take the lead in high-speed broadband provision, they could easily have done so. As it is, they continue to behave like the quasi-State monopoly they are, and I have little hopes of this coming to much without all sorts of excuses for what they can't do and where they can't reach. Personally, I don't trust a vast profit-making outfit that charges me £5 to pay my bills.

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    T Doff

    Saturday, February 23, 2013