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Mildenhall Lodge Care Home.

Mildenhall: ‘Teething problems’ blamed for damning CQC report on Mildenhall Lodge care home

‘Teething problems’ have been blamed for failing to ensure the safety and welfare of residents at Mildenhall Lodge care home after a damning report identified multiple failures.

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Annie Topping, CEO of Healthwatch Suffolk.

Haverhill: Surgeries criticised by watchdog over appointment times struggles

GP surgeries in Haverhill have been criticised after a survey found 43 per cent of residents are not happy with the health services they provide.

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Care UKs Mildenhall Lodge care home.

Mildenhall: Care UK home open for just two months had enforcement action taken against it after a damning Care Quality Commission report

Enforcement action has been taken against a flagship west Suffolk care home after it was given a damning report by the Care Quality Commission.

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BMI Healthcare

BMI news

Advice on how to keep children safe in the sun

BMI St Edmunds: Tips to keep your children safe in the sunshine

Holidays in the sun can be a testing time for parents as they have to judge how long to let their children play out in the sun.

Dr Nevianna Tomson is a consultant dermatologist at BMI St Edmunds Hospital and spokesman for the British Association of Dermatologists. Here she provides 10 top tips on how to keep your children safe in the sun.

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EA Health Supplement

Window on the NHS


Dr Shane Gordon: The NHS is number one

We all want our health service to be the best it can be. I want it to do the best it can for your family and for mine, whenever we may need it.

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A GP’s Diagnosis

Dr John Havard

Suffolk: How the GP funding review is set to affect your healthcare

With a funding review for general practice currently being undertaken by NHS England, one GP has raised concerns that many surgeries in Suffolk could become financially unviable, make a significant number of staff redundant, close or see patients wait even longer for an appointment. Here Saxmundham GP Dr John Havard shares his views about the funding review and what it could mean for the county

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Suffolk's Chris Walker-Hebborn celebrates winning the Men's 100m Backstroke at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Suffolk: Spike in sports participation levels revealed as county stars shine at Commonwealth Games

Suffolk is the only county in the region to have seen a significant increase in the number of people playing sport every week over the last eight years, a survey has revealed.

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Dr John Havard says we should treasure the NHS

Dr John Havard: The NHS is our national treasure - we need to value and protect it

The NHS was born in 1948 with the core principle that good healthcare should be available to all regardless of ability to pay. Apart from some prescription, optical and dental charges, access to the NHS remains free for over 63m UK residents - making it the world’s largest publicly-funded health service.

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The A-Team always had a masterplan...

Dr John Havard: Mission Impossible - or is it?

Many seasoned readers will remember the original TV series that went out in the ‘60s and ‘70s when there were only three channels available.

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