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The Labour poster showing getting David Ellesmere to Westminister is the party's top priority in East Anglia.

Party conferences fail to light the fuse for general election

Party conferences are always something of an acquired taste – something to whet the appetites of political anoraks and to put fire in the belly of activists in the run-up to a general election.

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My pet

Abbie Hunter

My Pet: Should employers adopt Richard Branson’s approach to holiday time?

Matt has been off work this week and getting under my feet. 
I don’t seem to have been getting any extra walks out of it and to be honest he has been cramping my style.

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Lynne Mortimer

p16 pic

What attracts you to a man –his soft top or his spanner?

Hello, young man, I notice you can change a tyre... will you marry me?”

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Liz Nice Superdad Will Lodge

Will Lodge: It is First, First and First on the baby podium of life

Our new dad columnist Will Lodge charts the milestones in his and baby’s life.

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