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ellen widdup

Ellen and her family

There is a nasty rumour going round the playground, writes Ellen Widdup.

Ellen's husband and son

My husband is a mamil – a middle-aged man in Lycra, writes Ellen Widdup.

Opinion:Are phonics the best way to teach children to spell?

Saturday, January 30, 2016
Ellen's daughter - she believes phonics have held back her spelling

You might expect the offspring of two professional writers to have little trouble when it comes to the English language, says Ellen Widdup.

ellen's baby

Mother of three Ellen Widdup takes a look at the tough job of making sure you treat all of your children equally.

Ellen's son and his collection of monkeys

There is a little girl in Essex who is going to have a very unhappy birthday tomorrow if we can’t help her, writes Ellen Widdup.

health & fitness

Is it time we took a long, hard look at our relationship with alcohol?

Something to celebrate? Pop open some bubbles. Bad news? Take comfort in the bottle.

Abdominal training with Kate Neudecker at Anytime Fitness in Ipswich

Watch our video with trainer Kate Neudecker and find out how to plank and tone up those tummies.

Dan Ford, of Live Well Suffolk, says: 'Small, manageable chunks. People may say

Shed a stone in a week? That’s daft! Small steps are what we need

Ditch the alcohol midweek and swap chocolate for fruit

Still feeling the effects of the Christmas chocolates and all the booze of New Year’s Eve?

A crisp winter morning at Sutton Hoo.
 Suffolk has some fantastic walking country

Want to slim down and get healthier in the New Year? Forget trendy workouts and pricey gym membership - according to research, you’re better off going for a walk. And what better time to start than now, during the Ramblers’ annual Festival of Winter Walks? Sheena Grant reports

lynne mortimer

The morning after

It was a dark and stormy night... which was probably why three-year-old George and 11-month-old Wil woke up at 4am, writes Lynne Mortimer.

Lynne in action with grandson George

It is hard for a grandma to imagine more gifted grandchildren than her own anywhere in the known universe. Parents may try not to boast about their children in case it ruins their offspring’s chances of being invited to the all-important birthday bash being held for Tarquin, in his mum and dad’s big posh house with a magician and Fortnum and Mason party bags. Such rules of engagement do not apply to grandparents.

Lynne is getting ready for her daughter's wedding

Not again, I hear you sigh. Sorry but it’s that time of year – and especially this year – when a woman’s fancies turn to thoughts of buttocks, writes Lynne Mortimer.

superdad will lodge

The Lodge family, Mitchell, Gemma, Mila, Seth, Will and Finley.

Superdad Will Lodge tries to keep all the balls of family life in the air

Will Lodge with Mila, and a meerkat, at Colchester Zoo

Superdad Will Lodge tries a play-date for the first time.

Maybe the dressing gown helps too

Superdad Will Lodge celebrates the move from cot to bed.

thrifty living

Check your bills

I’ve never believed you should trust your day-to-day financial affairs to anyone but yourself.

Have you thought of getting the knitting out and making your own?

It all started with the Christmas gift of a pom-pom, writes Sheena Grant.

Sheena's homemade candles

Anyone who burns candles with a diameter wider than a small thumbnail will be familiar with the problem of tunnelling − whether they know it or not, writes Sheena Grant.

How to get fit without going to the gym

Saturday, January 23, 2016
Young woman stretching before her run outdoors on a cold fall/winter day

We all know that gyms are a great way to get fit − if you can afford to use them and are happy to be in close proximity to fitness junkies who not only exude attitude but leave a film of sweat on the equipment they’ve just vacated and you’re about to use.

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