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matt gaw

The Government is talking about changing the goalposts when it comes to measuring poverty while suggesting yet more cuts.

The Government has no doubt just breathed a sigh of relief.

A general view of an original Magna Carta from the issue made in 1300 by King Edward l to the borough of Sandwich in Kent.

This year has seen countless events marking the historic signing of the Magna Carta.

Sir Tim Hunt

The backlash against Sir Tim Hunt has been understandable.

ellen widdup

Ellen and family

Ellen Widdup, 2.4 Children columnist, has started nesting.

Ellen, her husband and newborn daughter

Ellen Widdup#s 2.4 Children

my pet

Dog litter bin in Bobbits Lane car park, Ipswich

I am hearted by news that the number of people fined for failing to pick up their dog’s poo has fallen by 20%.

Abbie Hunter

So it was all blue, blue and more blue for Suffolk in the general election.

Abbie Hunter

I am dog years ahead of my human person Matt.

james marston

Kylie Minogue @ Newmarket

Kylie wasn’t the only famous person in Suffolk last weekend.

James Marston at Shotley

Virginia Woolf, Augustus John, Rupert Brooke and me.

James Marston Column
James tries out Felixstowe new exercise equipment on the seafront.

This week, in Freckenham, I popped along to the impressive village hall for Freckenham Fun Time.

Health and Fitness

Woodbridge Mayor Josh Sayles gets weighed at Boots. Mayor Josh Sayles with Sarah Norman from Boots.

A town mayor is shedding the pounds – and hoping to bring in some pounds for charity.

Can pets really improve your health?

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Maddy in PAT coat

Hearing that unmistakable pitter patter of paws as you get home after a long, hard day definitely offers a welcome boost.

Dame Judi Dench. Photo: Ian West/PA

Wake up, world! Older women deserve more respect!

lynne mortimer

Keeping cool on Felixstowe beach.

As she gently melts, Lynner Mortimer looks for ways to keep cool and survive the hot weather without getting bad-tempered

Lynne Mortimer on the naughty step

When George, aged two years and nine months, misbehaves and does not desist when asked, he is consigned to the thinking step, the bottom stair.

Lynne Mortimer

I’m sitting here with a bit belt of gin accompanied by a soupçon of slimline tonic... I earned it, writes columnist Lynne Mortimer.

superdad will lodge

Will Lodge's Father's Day gifts

Superdad Will Lodge reflects on how absence affects baby and whether she is capable of empathy.

The Lodge family, Mitchell, Gemma, Mila, Seth, Will and Finley.

Superdad Will Lodge looks forward to first Fathers’ Day with the baby

Colchester General Hospital's A&E department.

Will Lodge hands over to Supermum (aka wife Gemma) this week to relate her recent experience of taking a child to A&E.


Football competition winners receive their tickets at The Bushel in Bury  January 1998

In our latest search through our archives we found some classic team shots and a photo of football ticket winners.

Adopt-A-Calf at Sible Hedingham - May 1985

In May 1985 these smiling youngsters posed for our photographers in Sible Hedingham, launching the adopt-a-calf initiative.

St Nicholas Hospice Mega Fete at
 Hardwick Heath in 

May 1999

Top left, do you remember the Honington sponsored bed push in May 1985?

From The Archives East

Pool marathon at Kings Head in Hadleigh

May 1985

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

thrifty living

Will Sheena be back to burning logs by November?

As I stirred my bucket of paper mush for the umpteenth time I couldn’t help wondering if I’d bitten off more than I wanted to chew, writes Sheena Grant.

Will Sheena be back to burning logs by November?

It would be easy to get the wrong idea if I were to tell you I’ve started stockpiling newspapers, writes Sheena Grant, who has vowed to adopt a thriftier lifestyle.

Should adverts aimed at children be banned?

Something happened in my household the minute I lost the power to control the TV remote and limit children’s viewing time to CBeebies, writes Sheena Grant as she continues her mission to live a thriftier existence.

Snails and slugs are eating Sheena Grant's veggies

Sheena Grant has an update on her battle to protect her vegetable plot.

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