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The TV crews arrive at Clacton Pier - but did they find many local people who gave their views on immigration?

Immigrants are good for the country – even in Clacton!

When Douglas Carswell shocked the political world and jumped from the Tories to UKIP last week I headed off to Clacton to try to speak to some of his constituents about his defection.

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My pet
Lynne Mortimer

Lynne column

135 reasons not to ask if my snappiness is the menopause

As I emerge from menopause – at least I assume that’s what’s happening because I haven’t seriously threatened anyone for ages now – I look forward to a life without night sweats, panic attacks, irrational episodes and 132 other potential troubles.

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Liz Nice Superdad Will Lodge

Will Lodge and his family.

Will Lodge: Bring on the Tot Top Trumps

Our new dad columnist Will Lodge looks at sleeping patterns and new conversations.

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From The Archives East

Sponsored  Bed push sets off from Aldeburgh July  1983

Flashback: Sponsored bed push and a crabbing event at walberswick are remembered

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

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Thrifty Living

Cherry plums - but are these what Sheena Grant found in her garden?

Cherry plum or golden bullace? Either way it made a good crumble

Truth be told, my husband did raise an eyebrow when I told him that night’s dessert was a crumble made with fruit I’d found in the hedge.

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