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matt gaw

Easter Sunday morning sunrise

Matt Gaw doesn’t value Easter for religious reasons. But he does think it is important to celebrate it. Here are his reasons why...

Nigel Farage

Are we seeing a return to the bad old days when negative views on immigration are peddled as the voice of the people?

Chelsea's Kurt Zouma is tended to by the Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro

Fans and football clubs need to take responsibility for creating a prejudice-free environment

ellen widdup

Ellen and her husband

Ellen Widdup’s 2.4 Children

my pet

Abbie Hunter

As readers know I have a fine palate.

Abbie Hunter

Matt’s house has taken a turn for the better!

Abbie Hunter

So what was life like for one week without Matt?

james marston

James Marston is visiting every church in Suffolk

Much excitement in Felixstowe this week, where I have a small flat with sea views distant, as news filtered through of a development Spa Pavilion-wise.

Rob Brewster with Sam and Blue after their Crufts appearance

Isn’t life dangerous these days? No longer limited to chocolate box villages with a little old lady who has a nose for crime, poisoning and intrigue have also found their way into Crufts.

Wolf Hall

Let’s start this week with two of my favourite Suffolk places - Framlingham castle and Sutton Hoo.

nikki edwards

Even cricketers have got in on the act. Here's England's Stuart Broad advertising a protein milk about 15 months ago. Photo: Andrew Matthews/PA

Protein shakes were once the domain of bodybuilders. But with a growing army of celebrity fans, they are now the convenience food of dieters too.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow apparently swears that consuming a whey protein shake a day helps her keep fit, lithe and beautiful.

Fitness dance zumba class

Shocking new research has found that lack of exercise kills twice as many people as obesity.

lynne mortimer

My husband has been up in the attic to find the string puppets

Now I am bi-gran... or maybe not. It makes me sound like a new breakfast cereal that’s good for you but tastes like shredded cardboard.

Look at my grandchildren, aren't they beautiful... have another look, they just get better

I promised myself I wouldn’t become a baby bore. I have reneged on that promise.

I have to stop buying ready-peeled sprouts... I only go and peel them again

The reckoning is ahead.

superdad will lodge

Seth Lodge feeding baby Mila

Parenting columnist Will Lodge tries out his first baby group.

Mila and Will Lodge

Superdad Will Lodge looks at how the stepping stones to adulthood can look odd in isolation.

Will Lodge and his family, Mitch, Gemma, Mila, Seth and Finley.

Parenting columnist Will Lodge finds illness leads to new ideas.


From The Archives East

Southwold Schoolchildren with their decorated eggs

March 1978

More events featured in photographs have been remembered by our readers

From The Archives East

Leiston High School pupils win Business award 
February 1988

Do the pictures in our gallery bring back any memories for you?

From The Archives Essex

Colchester Oyster Festival

October 1988

Do you remember these events or recognise any of the people in this week’s pictures?

From The Archives Essex

Colchester Christmas Fat Stock Market

December 1997

Do the pictures in our gallery bring back any memories for you?

From The Archives West

Bury in Bloom  Plate and Trophy presentations .

September 2000

Were you at any of the events or do you recognise any of the people in this week’s archive pictures?

thrifty living

Sheena has ditched the topping to make her carrot cake healthier

There’s only one problem with having a sack full of wonky carrots.

Pupils at Hillside Community Primary School work on their letters to their mothers.

If you’re out and about tomorrow and notice someone going somewhere in a hurry, clutching a box of chocolates, a plant or, heaven forbid, a bunch of service station-bought flowers, there’s a simple explanation: it’s Mother’s Day.

Reclaim credit accrued on your household bills

I should have known it wouldn’t be that straightforward.

Ugly veg taste the same - but are a lot cheaper and eating them saves waste

Would you buy a crooked carrot, or maybe a particularly knobbly potato? It’s not a trick question. Depending on your answer, you could save big on your vegetable bill.

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