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The new iPhone 6, center, and iPhone 6 plus, right

Do I have the UK’s oldest mobile phone? Sheena Grant won’t be upgrading to the iPhone 6

My tirade last week against our obsession with electronic gadgets and the idea that we must always have the latest, newest model, even if it is not much better or newer than the gadget it is replacing, made me realise something.

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Does anyone really need an Apple watch?

Does anyone really need the much-hyped Apple smartwatch or iPhone 6?

Next time you’re about to reach for your smartphone, ponder this unsettling fact: more people around the world have access to mobile phones than toilets.

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Cherry plums - but are these what Sheena Grant found in her garden?

Cherry plum or golden bullace? Either way it made a good crumble

Truth be told, my husband did raise an eyebrow when I told him that night’s dessert was a crumble made with fruit I’d found in the hedge.

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