Thrifty Living

Why do insurance companies charge for minor amendments?

Does it pay to be honest? Why do insurance companies charge sucha premium to alter policies?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel that we lived in a world where the primary motive of many companies was not to rip us off?

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Soup green of sorrel and nettles with bread

Nettles are perfect ingredient for a thriftier lifefstyle

A few weeks ago I sampled the delights of cheese scones with a thrifty ingredient - dandelions - and alluded to the fact I was thinking of living a little more dangerously, by adding a few nettles to the Grant family diet.

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Crabbing is a great - and virtually cost-free - way to spend a few hours

Summer fun can still be low cost #thrifty

Any parent will know that aside from birthdays and Christmas, school holidays count as one of the most costly times of the year.

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