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You can also use this site to get in touch with old friends online, organise get-togethers and post pictures of the old days – The haircuts! The clothes! The people you used to fancy!

And don’t forget to send us your new pictures too - there’s nothing we love more than seeing your photos after you’ve all met up to show us how much you’ve changed – always for the better, naturally.

Reunion of the week

northgate schoool

The former Northgate Grammar School boys who are still firm friends more than 60 years on

Octogenarians who left their Ipswich school in the 1950s have been meeting regularly for chinwags – about sex, life before mobile phones, pop music and more.

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Barry Painter (left) is reunited with his old army friend Clive Patterson after over 50yrs of searching. They are pictured in Needham Market.

Army mates finally find each other again... after 56 years

Fifty-six years may have faded the matching tattoos two friends had inked on their arms together, but half a century on their memories are still vivid.

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Debenham High School celebrates its 50th anniversary. L-R: Dr Dan Poulter MP, Angela McClelland (former headmistress), Julia Upton (headteacher) and Sue Holifield (daughter of first headteacher).

Debenham High School celebrates its 50th birthday. What are your memories of the school?

Past and present staff, students and friends of a high school have celebrated its 50th birthday.

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In 1972 the Bury St Edmunds-based East Anglian School for Girls (EASG) joined Culford School to create one of the first fully co-educational independent schools in the area. Last weekend about 40 members of the original EASG came to Culford for an event which reunited long-lost friends who left school about 50 years ago.

Former students from East Anglian School for Girls catch up on past 50 years at reunion at Culford School

Former students have returned to their west Suffolk school 50 years on for an emotional reunion.

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Reunion Priory Heath Modern, which later became Holywells

Ipswich: Priory Heath Secondary Modern pupils reunite after 40 years

A ‘wonderful’ school reunion has been held to celebrate 40 years since their school days.

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Marion Clarke, Anne Clarke and Anne Hood are all nurses who trained at Ipswich Hospital and Anglesea Road Hospital and they gathered on Wednesday 17, September to mark their 50th reunion.

Ipswich: Former trainee nurses meet up to mark 50 years since they started their training

Half a century has passed since a group of trainee nurses first met to embark on a career of caring.

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Former Stowmarket Grammar School chemistry master Des Howe gathered with his students from the class of 1954 at their 60th reunion.

Gallery: Stowmarket Grammar School days warmly remembered 60 years on

It was a day to remember; to reminisce and rekindle fond memories of school life together.

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St Albans School Reunion 
Class of 1991

Ipswich: Class of ‘91 from St Albans School prepare for class reunion

The class of ‘91 from St Albans School are having a reunion on Saturday night.

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The netball and hockey teams of the 1696 leavers.  Marina King is right at the back of the hockey line.

Ipswich: Former Chantry High School pupils plan reunion for class of 1968

Ex-students from Chantry High School are celebrating 50 years since their school days.

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Lavenham Young Farmers are holding a reunion

Lavenham Young Farmers reunion event

Lavenham Young Farmers Club will be holding its 40th Anniversary Reunion on Saturday, June 14, at Hall Farm, Stanningfield, Bury St Edmunds.

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Flash back: 

A school reunion was held for students from Northgate Grammer School between the years of 1939 - 1945.

Northgate Grammar School for Boys: Calling the class of 1953

Did you start at Northgate Grammar School For Boys in 1953? If so Emeritus Professor Chris Green wants to invite you to the reunion. Here is a letter he wrote with all the details.

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It doesn’t have to be a school reunion either. Any get together of old friends is always worth a mention and we’d love to hear about it.

And if you would like your reunion to feature in the EADT newspaper with lots of lovely pictures for a lasting memento then email our reunions editor Kate Dodd.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what happened to so-and-so, now’s the time to find out.

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