Around 1,800 homes across Suffolk and Essex remain without power although UK Power Networks has vowed to restore it to the “vast majority” by tomorrow.

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There are 542 homes in Suffolk and 1,256 in Essex without electricity after last night’s storm. This is down from 3,380 and 2,115 respectively since 7am this morning.

However, a statement from the company says that anywhere power is off at midnight is likely not to have power for at least part of Christmas Day. Repairs will continue throughout Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

A company spokeswoman said: “Of the incidents that are known about in the east of England, engineers are aiming to restore the vast majority of supplies by tonight.

“In the south east, which was hit harder, engineers are tackling the incidents which affect high numbers of customers first, but if your power is still off at midnight it’s likely you will be off on Christmas Day, so you should consider making contingency plans now. Repairs will continue throughout Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“UK Power Networks has robust emergency plans in place to cope with severe weather and brought in additional staff covering engineer, technical and call centre roles, but it has been difficult to enlist help from contractors, other electricity companies across the country who have their own repairs to do, and some of our own staff who are away for Christmas.”

Wherever possible, UK Power Networks is planning to buy Christmas dinners for those without power tomorrow, and wants to hear from venues with spare tables, as well as any customers without power who have not yet reported it.

Contact or call 0800 028 0959.

Are you one of those affected by the power cut, or do you know someone without power? Send an email to or call 01284 727411.