Hi fr xmas ta 4 stuff

Thursday, January 3, 2013
10:29 AM

It’s better to text or e-mail than not to thank at all but, bearing in mind the magnitude of the spelling and grammatical compromises that tend to be made by frequent texters. a handwritten letter remains my preferred mode of conveying gratitude. It has the personal touch.

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Dear (fill in name), thank you so much for the (fill in item). It was just what I wanted. Love from (fill in your name).

Don’t worry about brevity, the cost of a postage stamp speaks a thousand words.

I saw a bloke on the telly suggesting that filming a video or taking a photograph of yourself using the gift and sending it to the giver would be a novel way to express your appreciation.

I’m wondering if he had really thought it through because no one really wants an email attachment that shows a distant relative wearing nothing but Christmas socks.

My husband has gallantly volunteered to take a photograph of me using the Molton Brown shower gel my sister-in-law gave me... although the cubicle is a bit small for two people, a tripod and a wide lens.