Initial thoughts on G&T, RSC, LOL – and toasted sandwiches

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
11:22 AM

On the theme of premature Christmas (last week’s column) Jennie Burlinson emails, lol*, that she is standing by with a “stiff G&T” to prepare herself for “the hand-crafted original New Zealand landscape that usually arrives from my husband’s 90+ cousin long before I have even got past “Stir Up” Sunday.” She signs off “with early Christmas good wishes”.

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I recently wrote a piece about the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) applauding Mrs Beeton’s toast sandwich (a slice of toast a’tween two slices of bread). Ron Longland, a member of the RSC for 30 years, asks if I may have been a little sexist when wrote: “a toasted sandwich may be a chap and nutritional alternative”. I had intended to use the word ‘cheap’, Ron, but I think it works...

And finally: As you know, I pay little heed to unsolicited emails but, in this instance, I make an exception.

It began: “According to Britain’s leading sleep expert, Dr Jim Horne, women need about 20 minutes more sleep a night than men.” See? I knew it!

* lol means laugh out loud, yo bro, innit. I am so current.