Luck? It’s just pants

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
3:40 PM

It must be true because a new survey says so, but I am amazed that men really do have lucky pants.

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According to a study by, nearly seven in 10 British men think an item of clothing brings them luck and underpants are cited as bringing them the most luck.

What sort of luck? Well, 34% said it had helped them in a romantic quest and 14% reckoned it had improved their job prospects.

Now, I love men as much as the next person but I think what we’re really talking about are the not-so-lucky ones; the old, tatty ones.

If you are going out on a “hot date” whatever that might be, or attending a job interview, you need to look and feel the part – and please don’t start making up your own jokes. This means being spruce but comfortable, whatever your gender.

A man or woman wants his or her innate nobility and splendour to shine through, whether it is over a candlelight supper with their dream date or across the table from a prospective boss.

Usually, it’s whether the face fits, not the pants.