No socks, please, we’re British

Monday, December 19, 2011
9:34 AM

A survey has revealed that one in four men want socks for Christmas and about the same number want underpants.

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I quote from Kev’s Christmas list: “No socks, please. Have tons.”

“Meanwhile,” the press release goes on, “nearly a quarter of women (23%) have kitchen essentials such as pots and pans on their Christmas wish list and 22% want socks or tights.”

Are they mad?

I have friends who have received kitchen utensils for Christmas (my husband wouldn’t dare*) and their partners have had to buy diamonds on the next gift-giving occasion, by which time they’ve been in the doghouse so long they’ve started to find postmen strangely appealing.

Unless Le Creuset is really what turns your woman on, I’d stay well away from homeware, especially anything sharp.

And the only thing worse than unsolicited socks and tights is hosiery that plays Jingle Bells.

*My husband says he would dare and he’s not scared of me. I’m thinking, an understated one-carat solitaire.