Ranters’ corner

Monday, February 6, 2012
2:55 PM

Ron Longland, citizen of Clare, addresses the latest wheeze whereby companies offer discounts to online customers.

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“This immediately punishes those people who do not have a computer,” he observes.

He also has a gentlemanly rant at the energy and other suppliers who offer special prices to new customers but nothing to existing, loyal ones.

“I would certainly consider staying where I am if (my energy supplier) offered me a discount for doing so. Otherwise, it seems that I, together with all other existing customers, am paying more than I should in order to make up the loss incurred by discounting newcomers.

“Whilst we are on a moaning roll, here is another one. I have not claimed on any insurance company for over three decades yet, every year, my premiums increase. Why?”

Answer came there none, Ron. They appear to want only shiny, new customers while the dusty old ones are invisible.

Meanwhile, I have just had my car insurance quote. No accidents; no convictions; no claims? That’ll be £70 more.