With a smile and a thong at twilight

Tuesday, January 10, 2012
10:23 AM

I should have known better than to suggest that while many items of lingerie bought for women by their husbands or boyfriends are too skimpy, no woman truly wants to be given a pair of knickers like the big comfy ones she has in her underwear drawer.

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We all, I said, would rather get a tiny lace thong. Just a thong at twilight.

And so a small package arrived from a romantic address in London (North Circular Road) with a note: “Try this for size”.

“This” was, at first blush, a single stem, black, artificial rose. Closer inspection and unravelling revealed that the rose was, in fact, a tiny lace thong. I’m flattered.

Thong for the Asking, as Simon and Garfunkel almost sung.

Moving swiftly on, Sue Hollis writes on the subject of coincidences.

As I wrote of my son’s impending nuptials last year, her own son was also preparing to wed.

“Now your daughter is engaged, as is mine, and also planning 2013 wedding, maybe we should go hat shopping together.”

Hooray. I ran out of volunteers to go shopping with me last time.