Flood update: Clean up operation under way in Snape after tidal surge

The swolen river at Snape Maltings. The swolen river at Snape Maltings.

Friday, December 6, 2013
12:53 PM

One of the communities seemingly worst hit by the tidal surge has been Snape, near Aldebugh.

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A clean up operation is under way, with villagers rallying round to help homes and businesses that have been flooded.

Ira Ford, second chef at the Crown Inn, said: “The water level has gone down now but at its height it was probably about two or three feet in some places.

“There’s nothing left salvageable on the ground floor that wasn’t lifted up. All the fridges in the kitchen are all gone and everything’s full of dirty water.

“We lifted everything up that we could lift up but the big stuff we couldn’t and everything on the ground level’s gone.

“Yesterday loads of locals came down and helped sandbagging. Everyone’s trying to help out everyone.

“We had 15-20 people yesterday at short notice and this morning loads of people have been volunteering to help. It’s really nice that everyone’s chipping in and helping out.”

Local farmers have stepped in to house the pigs and sheep that are kept at the pub.

They also had 44 turkeys but 38 drowned in their coop when the water rose, despite it being several feet off the floor.

Meanwhile, Andrew Rodgers was visiting his parents’ house where they’ve lived for 12 years and have never had anything this bad happen before.

“At four in the morning I had to rescue our small spaniel, it was rather deep,” he said. “I was picking up chairs and there’s TVs on the side where I’ve had to move them.

“It was getting dangerous, we’ve got no plugs because they’ve all been filled with water and the fuses have all gone.

“It was about two foot deep. There’s all sorts of stuff that’s going to have to go, this chair’s been totally soaked, that sofa’s going to have to go as well.

“There’s nothing we can do but wait for it to dry out and get it cleaned up.”

There are also reports that a Land Rover got stuck on the bridge crossing the River Alde close to Snape Maltings.

One onlooker said the vehicle was almost submerged within minutes of getting stuck.