A hotel in Harwich admitted today that they had been affected by the potential storm surge.

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The Pier Hotel, which overlooks the sea, is a fair distance above sea level but customers still seemed wary.

Nick Wildman, manager of the hotel, said: “We’re normally fairly quiet anyway around this time of year but after it became widespread from the Environment Agency that there was going to be a potential flood, we have been affected slightly.”

Wildman and staff at the hotel have listened to advice and done all they can in trying to prevent any forthcoming damage by laying sandbags in the entrances of their hotel and restaurant.

“We’re on quite high ground here and it’s very hard to say what will happen,” said Mr Wildman.

“You never can tell but what I will say is that if water wants to find its way in somewhere, it will.

“It’s powerless and it all depends on how powerful the surge of wind is meeting with the high tide.”

With the ghost of the 1953 flood still haunting the town, various sea defences have since been made but have not yet been tested.

“We’re obviously hoping the flood doesn’t happen but it would be interesting to see if it does because these gates and barriers have yet to actually be tested if they work!” Concluded Mr Wildman.