Framlingham: Sir Colin Humphreys visits FramSoc to lead theological debate

Sir Colin Humphreys visits Framlingham College Sir Colin Humphreys visits Framlingham College

Friday, February 14, 2014
10:30 AM

A professor of science with an interest in the Bible has visited a Suffolk community group to discuss whether intelligent people could still believe in miracles.

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FramSoc, a public society associated with Framlingham College, welcomed Sir Colin Humphreys to lead the debate at its latest meeting. “It was a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable evening, generating many questions at the end for Sir Colin,” said a spokesman for the event.

“It has also sparked a lot of discussion within the college since.”

Sir Colin, a professor of materials science at the University of Cambridge, cited several examples of miracles from the Bible including the Israelites crossing the River Jordan and Moses obtaining water from a rock.

He argued these events “do not break natural laws” and therefore concluded it was possible for scientists to believe in miracles without compromising their science.