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Matt Bunn

Matt Bunn is the health correspondent for the East Anglian Daily Times.
His job involves monitoring the progress of health care providers in Suffolk and Essex, including Ipswich, Colchester and West Suffolk hospitals, the ambulance service and mental health trusts.
Matt also raises awareness of health campaigns, lesser-known conditions and health success stories.
If you have a health story, call Matt on 01473 324738 or send him an email

Health news

Emma Burley, with her sons Roman, 6, and Dexter O'Connor, 3, is a 29-year-old mum-of-two and a journalist, talks about her battle with anorexia.

Anorexia sufferer and mum-of-two Emma Burley reveals how disease has ‘rewired’ her brain to make her fear food

A Suffolk mother has told of her near three-year battle with anorexia, saying how the “deadly” disease has “rewired” her brain to fear the food she once loved.

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Suffolk County Council has been told it would be illegal to disinvest in tobacco firms.

Tobacco investment battle not yet over, says county councillor

Suffolk County Council’s pension fund is to retain its controversial investment in tobacco companies, despite last year’s overwhelming vote by the authority to get rid of the shares.

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Gary Page, Chairman of the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS foundation Trust

Mental health bosses will make their case as they bid for the funding they are “entitled to”

Bosses at the trust running mental health services in Suffolk have pledged to fight for their “fair share” of funding as they bid to turn round the fortunes of the organisation.

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EA Health Supplement

BMI news

BMI St Edmunds: More people are beginning to consider cosmetic surgery

Once, it was the exclusive preserve of movie stars and millionaires – but today people from all walks of life are considering cosmetic surgery.

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Get on your bike

BMI St Edmunds: Get on your bike for a healthier lifestyle

Cycling has been never been so popular in Britain.

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A GP’s Diagnosis

John Havard

Dr John Havard: The relationship between the British public and the NHS needs patching up

The words NHS and crisis seem to be in a long term relationship. Since 1948 the NHS has tackled injustice and poverty while ensuring care was delivered according to need, not ability to pay.

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Dr John Havard

Dr John Havard: Round the clock care could prevent hospital admissions

Many hands make light work” is a saying that was coined in the 16th Century and remains valid today. If we are to avert the decline of the NHS into a financial black hole, then decisive action is needed and everyone needs to play their part.

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Window on the NHS

Help is available for people in need

Dr Shane Gordon: Help is at hand for patients who are feeling lonely and anxious in winter

For many of us January and February can be challenging months. With shorter, darker days and the realisation of the true cost of the festive season and new year period, it is little wonder that some of us may feel low or anxious.

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