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Lauren Everitt

Lauren Everitt, who was born and raised in Suffolk, is the health correspondent for the East Anglian Daily Times.

Her role involves monitoring the progress of our health care providers including the three main hospitals – Ipswich, Colchester and West Suffolk – as well as the ambulance service, mental health trust and primary care providers.

By telling your stories, she also raises awareness of little known conditions, of pioneering treatment and triumph over adversity.

If you have a health story, call Lauren on 01473 324840 or email her:

Health & fitness news

Tanya Hindes experienced debilitating symptoms before being diagnosed with IBS.

Mum-of-three who was left doubled over in pain as she did weekly family food shop because of IBS uses bacteria to combat symptoms

A Lowestoft woman has thanked a strain of bacteria for helping her deal with irritable bowel syndrome.

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Christmas drinks

How many units of acohol are there in you favourite Christmas drink? And how many should you really be drinking at the office party?

Christmas is coming and with it the opportunity to indulge – especially in a tipple or two. And why not? After all, even Santa enjoys a glass of sherry to mark the special day. 
But can alcohol and mince pies really be incorporated into a healthy living plan? Yes, says our health expert Nikki Edwards. Here’s how:

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There has been a rise of physical assaults at hospitals in Suffolk and Essex.

Concerns over frontline health workers after rise in physical assaults against hospital staff

Concerns have been raised following an overall rise in the number of hospital workers being physically attacked while on duty in Suffolk and Essex.

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Window on the NHS

Colchester Hospital's A&E department remains in the grip of a major incident

Top-level government talks called into Colchester Hospital crisis

An Essex MP has called urgent talks with the health secretary about the ongoing crisis at Colchester Hospital.

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BMI news

It is important to take the proper time to make decisions about cosmetic surgery, and seek expert advice

BMI St Edmunds: ‘Don’t rush into cosmetic surgery decisions’, says consultant

As demand for cosmetic surgery continues to rise we hear some terrible stores of people travelling abroad for ‘cheap operations’ only to find the results are ‘sometimes bad and sometimes horrific’.

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Dr John McLoughlin

BMI St Edmunds: Increase in vasectomy reversal procedures, according to specialist

A vasectomy is long-established as a safe and permanent method of contraception.

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Advice on how to keep children safe in the sun

BMI St Edmunds: Tips to keep your children safe in the sunshine

Holidays in the sun can be a testing time for parents as they have to judge how long to let their children play out in the sun.

Dr Nevianna Tomson is a consultant dermatologist at BMI St Edmunds Hospital and spokesman for the British Association of Dermatologists. Here she provides 10 top tips on how to keep your children safe in the sun.

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Mr James Armitage, of BMI St Edmunds

BMI St Edmunds: Laser prostate surgery for urinary problems

James Armitage, consultant urological surgeon at BMI St Edmunds Hospital, discusses urinary symptoms in men and the role of laser prostate surgery in their treatment.

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A GP’s Diagnosis

Struggle to avoid Suffolk GP ‘staffing crisis’ as doctors lured away to more attractive London and Cambridge

Suffolk has been described as a ‘desert’, with potential doctors preferring to practice in London and Cambridge.

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People at risk of pneumonia are being encouraged to get immunised against the infection

Dr John Havard: Vaccinating groups at risk from pneumonia

What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a life-threatening chest infection particularly in the elderly and young children.

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Nerys Hughes as District Nurse Megan Roberts

Dr John Havard: Why we must support our vital district nurses

Record numbers of experienced district nurses are leaving their jobs because it is all becoming too demanding and stressful. Nearly half of the senior district nurses in Ipswich have left in the last two years and replacing them is proving very difficult. However the staff situation in the west of the county has been more stable.

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Dr John Havard

Suffolk: How the GP funding review is set to affect your healthcare

With a funding review for general practice currently being undertaken by NHS England, one GP has raised concerns that many surgeries in Suffolk could become financially unviable, make a significant number of staff redundant, close or see patients wait even longer for an appointment. Here Saxmundham GP Dr John Havard shares his views about the funding review and what it could mean for the county

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