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  • At what point will we decide to stand up and fight these things? When there are no fields and open spaces left anywhere? It will be too late then. Where next for Grange Farm? To completely meet up with Foxhall Road? As a life-long resident of Kesgrave, we all said when the original Grange Farm development was approved that it wouldn't take many years for all of the fields to be swallowed up by houses. That would seem to be the case now. The current road system is already bursting and navigating around Grange Farm is a nightmare because of inadequate parking spaces at existing homes, which are crammed into ever smaller plots, with no consideration for the fact that an average 4 bed home nowadays has 2-3 cars and therefore needs driveway space for that number. What about the schools, doctors, etc, etc? The schools in Kesgrave are already bursting, as can be evidenced by the building work at Bell Lane, which one can only assume will eventually take up the entire playing field - so where will children have to play outside? The 'new' school on Grange Farm - Cedarwood - was built with no forward planning in mind and should have been double the size. The doctors have no capacity for extra patients. Local people need to step up to the mark and voice their strong objections to these plans with Suffolk Coastal, who then need to LISTEN to local opinion and hopefully reject the proposal outright. However, Suffolk Coastal has recently demonstrated that they are unwillingunable to reject a controversial proposal based on local opinion as they must only consider it based on the merits of the plans themselves (a good example of this is Tesco in Aldeburgh). Should this awful development become a reality for similar reasons, then Suffolk Coastal needs to man-up and impose hefty planning restrictions on the developer - ie, the developer will pay for road upgrades, new school, new doctor, etc, etc. Maybe then the whole project will be somewhat less attractive to a money-driven developer and they will quietly disappear.


    Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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