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  • My main concern as a resident is in relation to the schools in the area. Primary Schools Heath, Cedarwood and Gorseland are already being pushed on capacity as I am sure Kesgrave High School will be soon if not already. If another 300 homes are proposed, then are there any confirmed plans to ensure that additional schools or school places will be guaranteed. As a resident of Grange Farm with a young family, my concerns are whether my children will be both able to attend a local school. Based on the current trend this is a very big concern and something that the town council and Suffolk Coastal and or Suffolk County need to address. Schooling standards are already questionable based on class sizes and this development if not properly thought out will be a detriment to the area as opposed to a benefit. Traffic concerns are high too as the current A1214 is unable to cope with current traffic demands around rush hour at both ends of the day. Bell lane and All saints roundabout is nothing but a nightmare especially between 4 and 6pm on weekdays and further traffic due to additional housing will only make things worse if this is also not addressed. May I also add that in the new proposed development that due consideration is made to ensure adequate parking is planned into the development. The newer parts of Grange Farm have awful problems due to parked cars on pavements and roads due to inadequate parking facilities for the homes and visitors. As such some of the roads around Pepper place and such like are almost dangerous or impossible to walk on with young children due to the cars that are in most cases illegally parked (if the highway code is taken to the letter of the law) It is clear that progress has to be made in the area of home building to ensure we have enough housing stock available, but this needs to be done with consideration to the people that need to live there as opposed to the building companies such as Persimmon maximising their profits.


    Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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