Tendring: Review launched into seasonal opccupancy of caravan and chalet sites in district

A chalet in Low Road, Dovercourt A chalet in Low Road, Dovercourt

Ross Bentley ross.bentley@archant.co.uk
Thursday, December 26, 2013
10:00 AM

A review is being carried out into the seasonal occupancy restrictions imposed on caravan and chalet sites across Tendring.

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The district council wants to develop a policy that offers consistent planning conditions across all sites and finds a balance between people’s desire to stay in them all the year round with the increased threat of coastal flooding in the winter. It expects to report back in the spring.

A number of variations in planning conditions between sites has come to light, as well as a general lack of consistency which has developed over many years.

Earlier this year, people living in Point Clear Bay were given assurances that they would not be forced to leave their homes this winter over potential breaches of planning conditions.

Tendring District Council could have taken enforcement action on November 1 if people continued to occupy the properties in the winter contrary to conditions attached to their planning permissions but it was decided to look into the whole situation and publish a report on a way forward.

The review will include taking flooding advice from the Environment Agency and monitoring occupancy this winter on a number of sites.

These include Bel Air at St Osyth; Point Clear Bay; Clear Springs in Dovercourt; Homestead Caravan Park and Weeley and Great Bentley Caravan Park.

Cabinet member for planning and corporate services, Carlo Guglielmi, said: “Our main concern is the safety of residents. However, we must consider whether the reasons for imposing conditions in the past are still relevant today and how best to balance them against the overall needs of residents.”