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  • Embarrassing? More like utterly expected, given that Town are currently demoralising the existing staff by getting in yet more loanees. But yes, embarrassing certainly for the EADT who have been printing supine rubbish ever since Mick the Man hopped on the Portman Road gravy train, embarrassing for the keyboard warriors who actually believe shoehorning unfit (and frankly not very good) strangers into the team at 24 hours notice against a good team is sane practice, but perhaps most embarassing of all it is also an opportunity for Kevin Bailey to point out that Town under Mick the Man with his round pegs are letting in 3 goals a game, 50% worse than when Jewell was manager. However, the good news is, assuming that the current state of utter ineptitude continues for the end of the season, Town will stay up quite comfortably (as they always would have done)... and Mick the Man will trouser his alleged £1million bonus for doing an appalling job. Then of course, things will get worse next season.

    Rob Steroo

    Saturday, November 17, 2012

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