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  • Sorry but why do ITFC need a 'face' ??????? Just who are the faces at Man U , Chelsea , Arsenal etc. Most of us would be hard pressed to name one CEO at any top club. Finances should be dealt with in the background & McCarthy has shown that he is more than capable of dealing with the press - it's not as difficult as the EADT wiould have you believe. As regards the Cobbolds any press comments were hardly insightful football related quotes - responces were invariably 'you'll have to ask the manager that' - or 'we just make sure there's plenty of claret in the boardroom' !!!!!!! Would it be too revolutionary to try things without a face - lets 'face it' with one we've been unable to get above the dizzy heights of 15th - & I'm sure we can get the turnstiles painted for less than £150,000 ????

    Old Timer

    Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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