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  • Although I take on board Mr Hunt's comments, surely something has fundamentally gone wrong during the Clegg years. ME paid him to do the job intended, however in these modern times of agents and big transfer fees Mr Clegg was out of his depth. Without harping back to "the good old days", do you think Bobby Robson had to go cap in hand to the board or sit and hope the chief exec would find him a great player? Of course not. Is it a coincidence that Big Mick was " in his sickbed " on Saturday, the transfer deadline finished midnight last Thursday and Mr Clegg departs a few days later! My belief is that deals were not done to the dissatisfaction and frustration of MM and ultimatums were made, possibly by MM, culminating in Mr Clegg " honourably "leaving the club! Conspiracy theory or not......let Mick run the club his way, if ME doesn't like it , it's his money after all, then get in another inept manager, as before. I truly believe Mick McCarthy is no different to Sir Bobby in his passion and desire to get there in the end. Trust his judgement in potential targets and back him up, let the shackles off and to coin an old phrase " don't buy a dog and bark yourself " But again, what do I know!!!


    Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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