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  • Many of the 'brickbats' thrown at SC have been brought about by his own 'naivety' in saying such stupid things like " the atmosphere is much better on the training ground now" & "half of the turnstiles have been painted". He also alienated many supporters when he 'sang' the praises of the new executive suites which are totally irrelevant to them when they are more interested in having to pay the highest ticket prices in the Championship to watch, during the tenures of ME & SC, utter dross served up by their previous two managers. If as SC says, the owner has invested heavily in the club why has the debt doubled during their watch and what has happened to the transfer monies received from the Rhodeand Wickham sales ? I for one do not feel much hope for Premiership status under what remains of the backroom board, they are faceless and likely to remain so but everyone knows what ME looks like by now so is his reluctance to publicly show his face occasionally, due to the fact that he also is still on a steep learning curve football wise like SC and does not wish to commit similar verbal gaffs as SC? No, ME still wants Premiership status on the cheap. That's if our moderator will be allowed to pass these comments.

    Brian Betts

    Wednesday, February 06, 2013

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