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Do you have something to say or ask about your area? The East Anglian Daily Times has teamed up with to give you a place to voice opinions and share practical information and advice with people living nearby.

The local social network connects you with your neighbours so you can swap recommendations, alert people to important news, discuss the things you love about Suffolk, and have a little grumble about those you don’t.

It’s like chatting over the garden fence but with lots of neighbours and at times that suit you.

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 EADT Suffolk magazine

With more than 27,000 readers, the popular EADT Suffolk magazine has a dedicated and loyal following.

EADT Suffolk magazine is the biggest and best selling county magazine in the county, produced and printed by people who live here and love it.

Full of quality articles and finest photography it offers a luxurious read that appeals to highly valuable upscale readers that appreciate the finer things in life - and are prepared to pay for them.

Visit the EADT Suffolk pages on the Great British Life website.

Charities and Organisations See all


In these tough times, charitable organisations are needed more than ever.

They provide emotional support to families in crisis, a network for minority groups and care for those who need a helping hand in life.

In Suffolk and north Essex there are hundreds of charities that are there to help when you need it as well as organisations that are simply there to make life easier and more enjoyable.

For more information on the organisations that could help you and your family, from support groups to children’s charities, see our charity listings.