Drip, drip, drip; poor little Isabella has had enough of the raging rain so decides to do something about it with the help of her grandfather’s magic staff.

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Little Angel Theatre bring former children’s laureate Michael Rosen’s tale The Magician’s Daughter to life at the New Wolsey Studio, St George’s Street, Ipswich.

Isabella’s mother, Miranda, shares stories of her time on a magical faraway island with her father Prospero. So Isabella sets off to find it and the staff, where she meets comical creatures Ariel and Caliban.

Aimed at children aged three and up, it’s a heart-warming tale full of puppetry, songs, comedy and wonderful wordplay.

“It’s really good fun,” says Clare, who plays Isabella. “I’ve been doing it for about a year and half now with breaks. The audience all love Caliban; he’s a bit of a celebrity.”

The youngsters I’m sat with certainly agree. There’s barely a peep out of them during the 45-minute show; except for when their help is needed.

Unlike some children’s shows, it’s not all about visuals. There’s a lovely through story that easy for even the most fidgety fan to follow.

“They’ll tell you if they don’t like it during the show,” laughs Clare. “This is gentle storytelling. Every show’s different, with different energies, different things they say to you; that keeps it quite fresh which is nice. With the through story they get a nice end result; that’s satisfying.

Louisa, who’s just learned the show in about a week for the current run, says it’s also a lovely, light introduction to Shakespeare too.

“There are literally a few really beautiful lines, a couple here and there, and the characters...”

The Magician’s Daughter runs at the studio, just a five minute walk from the main theatre in Civic Drive, until January 5.