Big game hunter Georgina Fitzall wasn’t monkeying around when she dropped by Ipswich Museum.

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“I’m on the search for my monkey. I brought him back for the City Zoo but someone either released him or he’s got out. I’ve been hunting for him for some time now and still can’t find him so I thought I’d come down and see if he might be round all the other animals in Ipswich,” she said, stalking the displays.

“I shot several of these. There’s the woolly mammoth of course which I must have done on my Antarctic adventure last year.”

I notice her brother, Fenton, isn’t helping in the search?

“No, he’s a complete drip he’s probably still in bed.”

Missing monkeys aren’t the only strange goings on at the Fitzall estate. They keep losing butlers and Georgina’s father the major has had a few close shaves.

“There seems to have been an awful lot of accidents, most careless I say. Goodness knows what’s going but apparently everyone’s trying to kill

my father which I quite understand,” added Georgina.

The family have called in lady detective Miss Murgatroyd; but with the bodies soon stacking up and the local inspector completely clueless she’s really going to need her shrewd eye, astute nose and enormous stash of depilatory cream to get to the bottom of this mystery before the traditional summing up scene.

Created by Eastern Angles show veterans Julian Harries and Pat Whymark, country house murder mystery spoof Dial M for Murgatroyd runs at Ipswich’s Sir John Mills Theatre until January 12, then Woodbridge’s Seckford Theatre from January 15-26. Read more about the show and the review at