We’re now in peak season for deer on our roads, spelling danger for East Anglian drivers.

Columnist Nick Richards says Sunday’s traditional meal is far from all it’s cracked up to be

Ever compare yourself to famous people the same age as you? Columnist Nick Richards has

Columnist Nick Richards suggests digging back through music’s past during lockdown

Dutch trend for doing nothing doesn’t make sense to our columnist

John Lydon and Fred Dibnah charmed our columnist

After five marathons our Second Half columnist says he’s never doing another

While women freely change their hair colour at a whim, our columnist says there’s a stigma around styling when it comes to men.

Our columnist was left confused by a trip to the high street department store recently - who are they aiming their men’s fashion at?

Whether you love them or loathe them, they seem to be everywhere at the moment

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. Here the Second Half columnist Nick Richards explains how it feels to lose someone to suicide

The Second Half columnist Nick Richards says weddings should stay small in scale once lockdown is over

If this typical August bank holiday weather has you reaching for the board games and jigsaw puzzles, you might be surprised at what they’re worth. Nick Richards asks the experts

Our new weekly column The Second Half looks at the crazy journey thorough life after 45

Nick Richards says if we regarded the BBC as just another streaming services, there would be millions of TV viewers who wouldn’t pay for it

Financial cuts in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic have hit many people hard, not least the next generation. Rachel Moore has sympathy for the plight of the under-25s

The 50th Glastonbury festival should be in full swing this weekend. Nick Richards looks at the history of the festival which has come to define our musical summer while we hear from some Glasto-goers who offer the positives and negatives of a long weekend at Worthy Farm

Gina Long talks to Infusions Group co-founder, award-winning chef John Jackaman and Sarah Stamp, director of operations about how they’ve re-emerged from the ashes, against all odds following the Covid-19 pandemic and a devastating fire

Nick Richards looks back on the 1990 World Cup when England almost making it to their second World Cup final and suggests it was a dull tournament that we wrongly look back on with joyful nostalgia

Richard Bridgman OBE is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, business leader, an engineer by trade and proud apprenticeship ambassador. He is passionate about the SME sector, youth employment and national skills. As an ex-apprentice himself, he has invested time and effort to develop and publicise the opportunities offered through apprenticeship schemes, whilst engaging with government at ministerial level too. Before the lockdown he was involved in mentoring work at West Suffolk College and on the LEP Skills Board. Here he talks to Gina Long MBE

70 years ago, on March 8, 1950,the first Volkswagen van rolled off the assembly line in the German city of Wolfsburg. Nick Richards leads the celebrations of all things VW with some of the brand’s biggest East Anglian fans

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