Does Southwold’s very own Loch Ness Monster patrol the coastline? Weird Suffolk’s Stacia Briggs and Siofra Connor document the many sightings of the Southwold Sea Serpent

Hope and Homes for Children, started by a former army officer from East Anglia, is counting on your support to help its work this Christmas.

From a cloaked man in a hat likened to Guy Fawkes, to the White Lady - apparitions have long been reported at these coastal grave sites.

Lucky for some: 13 Suffolk ghost stories from Weird Suffolk’s Stacia Briggs and Siofra Connor.

How superstitious are you? Find out the meaning of 13 of the most common superstitions plus some that are linked to Norfolk and Suffolk.

It may be famous for Black Shuck, but it’s a ghostly white figure that brings WEIRD SUFFOLK’s Stacia Briggs and Siofra Connor to Bungay for this chilling tale.

Another shaggy dog story for Suffolk: has Black Shuck gone for an updated image in Bardwell to match his glowing red eyes?

Do the ghosts of Dunwich’s unfortunate lepers still visit the ruins of their hospital at St James’ Church in the village?

Yoxford’s secret tunnel legend and the reason why Dead Men’s Corner was given its grisly name.

Less than 15 miles from the site of “the most haunted house in England”, another rectory in Suffolk was plagued by an evil spirit

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, here are 15 TV dramas coming to a small screen near you soon this autumn - prepare for a season of true crime, tortured detectives, romance, political intrigue, terrible secrets and action!

Up to 3.7 million over-75s will be asked to pay the BBC’s TV licence fee as across-the-board free licences are scrapped - do you qualify for a free licence?

The phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ has never been more appropriate than for the Suffolk women whose bottle of ‘magical’ toenail clippings exploded in a fire.

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