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PUBLISHED: 12:54 27 April 2016 | UPDATED: 12:54 27 April 2016

Her Majesty the Queen on a visit to the region. Photo: PA

Her Majesty the Queen on a visit to the region. Photo: PA


Here we bring you four letters sent by our readers this week

Sir, – I understand that a woman in Windsor has somehow attained an age that only half a million other people in the UK have managed to live to. And this despite the fact that the poor dear has had to put up with struggling to get by on only a few millions a year of taxpayers’ money, being forced to eat nothing but the best food and suffering the indignity of the best medical care other people’s money can buy. And where others have had to spend their lives working their fingers to the bone, she has had such an awful time that a hard day’s work for her involves eating sandwiches while being constantly told how “radiant” she is.

What I don’t understand is why I’m supposed to be impressed.



Sir, – Whoever is responsible for introducing such an ugly word as “Brexit” to the English language should be arrested, charged with abuse of the language of Shakespeare and, if found guilty, as he or she undoubtedly will be, banished from “This Sceptred Isle” and made to spend the remainder of his or her life on the other side of the English Channel in the “Paradise” that is Europe.


Trimley St Mary.

Sir, – I am saddened for all those people who fought bravely and incessantly for a vision of a Great Britain restored to its glory and operating with the independence that its now vanished empire allowed.

To their dismay the leaders of the Anglo-Saxon world whom they saw as a viable alternative to the European Union have repudiated them. Moreover, the last eight treasurers of the United States, the government of China, the head of the IMF, the World Bank – the list is endless – have given them the cold shoulder. Their dream of a Britain free to trade on its own terms with everyone is gone. True they have the support of people like Marine Le Pen who so much worries Nigel Farage but the entire international economic community is against them.

It is crushing and even offensive to some when an American president reads them what amounts to a riot act but, alas, to criticise the world’s largest economic power is done at one’s peril. We no longer have the clout and are fast losing the respect we need.

There is no longer an alternative. We must rebuild our bridges and fight from within the European Union to make it a democratic, responsive and functional institution. Britain still has some moral authority and if it were exerted with just one-tenth the energy applied by those who hitherto have been so deeply committed to exiting the community we can prevail.

There are more than enough people and institutions within the European Union who will be thankful to us to push an agenda of reform and these are our true allies. As president Obama has said there is no place for a less than powerful country outside a trading bloc. It will be a tough battle against entrenched interests and powers, but it must be fought with modern weapons in a world that no longer holds historic political entities in esteem.

So it is time for those who have proposed exiting the European Community to change gear and work together with others and help build a viable future for a vibrant, prosperous and forward looking Britain.



Sir, – Three cheers for the Ipswich Society. At last somebody has spoken up for many residents to question the wisdom of this latest vanity project for the Cornhill in Ipswich.

The cost is enormous, and the money could be better spent on other more useful projects (toilets in the bus station springs to mind).

The prospects for wheelchair users and less mobile citizens is bleak. Skateboarders will love it, but they are surely in a small minority.

I am old enough to remember the building and demolition of the Greyfriars project – that was supposed to bring the town a new look, prosperity, modernity, sophistication... and so on. Where is it now?

I predict that the proposed scheme for the Cornhill will be about as popular and useful, and deliver on the promises as Greyfriars.



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