Will Lodge - School holidays don't have to be a chore

PUBLISHED: 21:21 26 April 2016 | UPDATED: 21:21 26 April 2016

Mila Lodge with Superdad Will

Mila Lodge with Superdad Will

Will Lodge - only for use with superdad column

It's almost as though the holidays never happened

Although we have only been back at school for a week the Easter holidays already seem like a distant memory.

Before the time–off my wife and I had our usual ponderings of what to do to keep the children amused during the break.

Of course we needn’t have worried – if for no other reason than my wife has an excellent knack of conjuring up activities.

The task was also made easier by the warm and mostly dry weather, which led to our garden becoming a hive of activity.

Toddler loves going outside to play. Well, outside full stop to be honest. Just someone putting their shoes or coat on, or a mention of the word “outside” has her running to collect her own shoes.

We don’t have a particularly large garden, it is rather modest in size, but it is stocked with a trampoline, small and large slide, and small swing set, as well as little outdoor rocker for Toddler.

A more recent addition has been a small climbing frame with a ‘den’ at the top, and a little Wendy house.

Fortunately the youngsters – of all ages, it must be said – love the opportunity to get out into the garden. With little or no prompting they set aside their gadgets and rush out to play – with baby sister in tow.

Toddler seems to have no real preference for what she plays with. The trampoline is a strong contender, but she equally likes climbing up the slide (and of course sliding down) and even just laying on the swing-bench we have.

Playing ‘peepo’ with her brother in the den or playing shops is also enjoyable, it would seem.

Venturing out into the garden allows us to see just how grown-up and independent Toddler has become, and to test our ability to let her make her own mistakes.

While watching her climb the ladder to the slide can be a heart-in-mouth moment, and obviously we are there to make sure does not fall from the top, it is important not to swoop in and lift her to the top.

Similarly she has very quickly learnt how to climb up onto the trampoline – and it won’t be long until she is bouncing all on her own.

With this in mind, I think the next school holidays will be a walk in the park.

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