Eddie's fishing has taken him far

PROUD parents Mike and Diana Mounce can't wait to see their son appear on tele-fishin'.

PROUD parents Mike and Diana Mounce can't wait to see their son appear on tele-fishin'.

The couple from Bramford were delighted to find out 27-year-old Eddie would be featuring in a popular fishing show over Easter.

Their fishing-mad son is due to star in an episode of Extreme Fishing with Robson Green, in which the actor travels to a number of far-flung destinations in search of exotic species.

Eddie studied fishery at college before getting a job at Suffolk Water Park as fishery manager. A year later he moved to Australia and then on to Thailand, where he set up a number of companies including Fish-Thailand, and where he has remained for the last five years.

Now his parents are waiting eagerly for his big moment on Channel 5 over the Easter break. Mrs Mounce, 61, said: “We're both very proud of the fact that Eddie was picked for the show. He has worked very hard since moving out there.

“He started out with a little fishing net but soon became a member of Gipping Angling Preservation Society.

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“I remember going to Barham Pits with him when he was just starting and neither of us knew what we were doing but he stuck with it and got a lot of advice from Breakaway Tackle in Ipswich.”

In the last five years Eddie, who went to St Joseph's High School, in Ipswich, has guided thousands of globetrotting anglers around the lakes and rivers of Thailand.

He said: “After fishing and travelling the country for the best part of a year I discovered some tremendous fishing that seemed a secret to the rest of the world.

“I set up Fish-Thailand to introduce UK and western anglers to phenomenal fishing the country offered.

“Robson hired the services of a fishing guide in each country he visited during the making of the show.

“I felt very honoured that my team had been asked to guide the entire episode.

“We caught so many fabulous fish that they may not make it into the final cut.

“We fished on a river for freshwater stingray and caught a gigantic fish weighing around the 500lb mark. We caught Mekong catfish, arapaima, redtail, alligator gar, pacu and so many more.

“After meeting Robson for the first time it immediately felt as though we were not filming. Nothing was staged and there were times when I didn't realise the cameras were there. It was just two fishermen enjoying the moment.”

Thai Fishing facts:

The Mekong River, which flows through Thailand, is home to more fresh-water fish species than any other river system in the world.

The Mekong catfish can weigh up to 600lb and the Mekong carp up to 300lb.

Source: www.fishthailand.co.uk

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