Lager lorry spill - probably the best road block in the world...

A LORRY loaded with lager damaged a wall, bus shelter and car when it shed dozens of kegs in a busy Suffolk road.

Annie Davidson

A LORRY loaded with lager damaged a wall, bus shelter and car when it shed dozens of kegs in a busy Suffolk road.

The Carlsberg truck came to grief on the A12 where it runs through the village of Yoxford, at the junction with High Street.

Witnesses said the lorry had just come round a sharp corner near the Kings Head pub when dozens of the kegs fell off the back and careered in every direction.

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A wall, pub sign, car and bus shelter were all hit by the rolling barrels shortly after midday yesterday.

Elly Henson, who was in the traffic next to the lorry when the kegs fell off, said: “The side of the lorry was made of material and it looked like it may have come undone and then they fell off as it went round the corner.

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“The kegs were all over the road, there was a wall that had been smashed in and the local bus stop had also been hit.

“The whole junction was just covered in beer kegs.”

Miss Henson, of Saxmundham, added: “There was an ambulance driver in the queue of traffic and he saw what happened and put his lights on.

“There was also a car which had been hit by a few of the barrels and the driver was a bit shaken up.

“They obviously had nowhere to go when the barrels came flying at them.

“I saw the lorry driver and he was just scratching his head.”

Traffic was stopped while police and drivers worked to move the beer kegs off the carriageway.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police said officers had been called to the scene but no-one had been injured or arrested in connection with the incident.

A spokeswoman for Carlsberg said: “The safety of the public and all our drivers is of paramount importance to us.

“We are happy to report that no-one was hurt and we are working with the police on their investigation.”

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