2022 beauty trends: 4 of the best treatments to get in the new year

An LVL lash lift and brow lamination HD BrowSculpt treatment on a client at Estelle's salon in Heston, Cambridge

The results of a 1-1 LVL treatment on the lashes and a HD BrowSculpt at Estelle's salon in Cambridge. - Credit: Estelle's

As we head into the new year, we take a look at the most popular beauty trends from last year, the ones that are here to stay and the ones we’re leaving behind.

Estelle Ashdjian, director and head therapist at her makeup and beauty salon Estelle’s in Histon, Cambridge, tells us how the new year will be one for natural treatments for a more effortless look.

Below, she shares some popular treatments to consider in 2022 and how you can use the Booksy app to easily arrange your appointments.

1. HD BrowSculpt (brow lamination)  

The natural, bushy but tamed brow is back in style and here to stay, Estelle tells us. “I’ve been doing HDBrows for nearly five years and brow sculpting is now becoming an increasingly popular treatment option for my clients.

“This involves combining the two treatments, lamination and sculpting the hair with HD's bespoke tinting, waxing and finishing the brows for the perfect result.”

LVL lash lift and HD BrowSculpt at Estelle's salon in Heston, Cambridge

The before and after results of an LVL lash lift and HD BrowSculpt lamination treatment for a fresh, effortless and natural look. - Credit: Estelle's

Your brows frame your face, and when done right, Estelle explains how these treatments are a great way to correct unruly hairs, frame the eyes and face and achieve the fox-eye look without the need for Botox. The treatments also have long-lasting effects, as she explains: “For the BrowSculpt, we use products which will keep the brows in place for up to eight weeks, although we recommend an Express HD appointment after four weeks as a top up to keep them looking fresh,” she says. “I think the bushy brow is a trend that’ll be around for a while. It’s low-maintenance and looks amazing.”

2. Glass skin

The natural beauty trend extends to skincare, with a focus on the ‘glow from within’ instead of applying a full coverage foundation. “We've seen a shift towards treatments that work to improve the texture and appearance of the skin for better makeup application and to reduce the time spent getting ready each day,” Estelle explains.

Dermalux LED phototherapy skin treatments at Estelle's salon in Heston, Cambridge.

Dermalux LED phototherapy skin treatments are available at Estelle's to treat different skin concerns like pigmentation, acne, inflammation and psoriasis - you can book yours through the Booksy app. - Credit: Estelle's

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“We offer Dermalux LED phototherapy which uses a variation of medically certified lights to help address the individual's skin concerns. The red light treatment boosts collagen and elastin to help treat pigmentation, dehydration and signs of ageing,” she says. 

The blue light is perfect for those with acne, post inflammatory pigmentation or excessive oil and bacteria. 

“Anyone suffering with eczema or psoriasis can benefit from using Dermalux’s near-infrared light, which gently treats and heals the skin for a glowing, flawless appearance,” Estelle adds.

3. LVL and classic eyelash extensions

The LVL (length, volume and lift) treatment enhances your natural lashes in a subtle way and requires less maintenance compared to the traditional lash extension that’s been popular in recent years. “This style of lash is the modern take on the traditional perm, and instead of curling, the treatment lifts the lashes from the root allowing even smaller lashes to appear longer, fuller and beautiful,” Estelle reveals.   

"The ‘Russian’ style of a thicker set of lashes is becoming less popular in our salon, with the classic 1-1 lash extensions becoming the more favourable go-to for an easier, more natural look," she adds.

Builder in a bottle gel on natural nails at Estelle's salon in Heston, Cambridge

'Builder in a bottle' gel is a great way to grow out your natural nails to be healthy and strong without the extensions. - Credit: Estelle's

“We’re now frequently being asked to do longer lash extensions on the outer corner of the eye and flicking them out, for a winged, wide-eyed look. This helps you to look and feel more awake, younger and ready to face the day ahead,” Estelle shares.

4. Natural nails  

It’s bye-bye acrylics and hello natural nails as we move into 2022.   

“Throughout lockdown, no one could have their gels or extensions done and so we were forced to embrace our own natural nails and grow them out. Since then, more and more clients are wanting to keep their natural nails, whether it be short and chic or long and glam,” Estelle says. 

Estelle’s offer a treatment that involves keeping the natural nail as healthy as possible by using BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) as a gel overlay on the nail. “Our nail technicians can do a variety of nail art too so your nails can still look super stylish and on trend,” she explains. “Gel extensions are a healthier option for your nails, are easier to maintain and a more affordable nail treatment.”

Glossy gel nails at Estelle's salon in Heston, Cambridge

You can book a stress-free, easy appointment for your nails, lashes, brows, skin or makeup at Estelle's salon in Cambridge through the Booksy app. - Credit: Estelle's

You can use the Booksy app to easily book your next beauty treatment. The app will show you the different treatments and appointments available at salons and businesses in the area. This means you can compare treatments, reviews and prices all in one space. 

Booksy offer 24/7 self-service bookings with automatic notifications and reminders for your appointments so you won’t miss out. Booksy is integrated within Google, Instagram and other social media platforms, so it couldn’t be easier to book, reschedule or cancel an appointment.

For more information on Estelle’s, or to look at the treatments available in your area, visit Booksy. If you're a business and interested in advertising your services with Booksy, visit the Booksy business page.