Get back on the road with AW Smart Repairs  

The team at AW Smart Repairs

Meet the friendly team at AW Smart Repairs - Credit: AW Smart Repairs

AW Smart Repairs is a family-run business that has been established since 2002. They can tackle any kind of bodywork repairs, accident damage (including insurance work), alloy wheel refurbishment, brake calliper painting, interior trim repairs and hydro dipping. 

The team at AW Smart Repairs consists of a small group of highly qualified individuals who have the knowledge and expertise to fix any damage that has appeared on your vehicle. They have all been in the motor trade for a number of years meaning they can provide the highest level of service in all areas of their profession. 

The team can sort anything from small knocks, bumps and scratches on bumpers and doors, to accident damage that can require insurance repair, needing new panels and bumpers, for example. Insurance repairs are completely taken care of, as a member of the team will contact the insurance company to organise authorization and payment, reducing any stress for the customer.  

James working on a car

Visit AW Smart Repairs to have any small-to-medium bodywork repairs fixed - Credit: AW Smart Repairs

Three new technicians have recently joined the AW Smart Repair family; two of whom are highly qualified, and the newest addition is undergoing training. Company owner Alex Watson says: “Welcoming new members to the team is always a fantastic sign, as it demonstrates that what we do is so in demand that we need extra pairs of hands! All three new members have settled in really well, and have been producing some amazing work. 

“It’s also reassuring to know that, as a company, we’ve continued to grow even throughout the pandemic. We were completely shut during the first lockdown but we opened as an essential service during the second and third, and we were actually very busy.” 

But what makes AW Smart Repairs different from other body shops offering repair work? Alex is proud to share that through being an independent, family-run business, he found a niche in the market where he can offer a greater range and quality of services, while keeping high quality and great value for money. 

Alex says: “I like to think that we’ve found a middle ground, so people know that we have the equipment and expertise to complete any job they require, without slapping them with a huge, unexpected bill at the end of it. 

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“It’s also our dedication that differentiates us from other car body shops, as we’re continuously striving to improve our services to provide the highest levels of workmanship for our customers. This means that we attract customers all across the country, and even overseas.” 

Adam fixing a tyre at AW Smart Repairs

Get back on the road safely with AW Smart Repairs - Credit: AW Smart Repairs

You may have also noticed that AW Smart Repairs have a very unique motto that tends to get customers talking. “‘Blood, sweat and cakes’ started off as an inside joke between the team, and it slowly evolved to become our slogan. We all work very hard, which is obviously where the ‘blood and sweat’ comes from, but many of our clients would bring us cakes to thank us – and thus #bloodsweatandcakes was born,” says Alex.  

Alex is also the owner of sister company, Black Stag Styling, which attracts people across the UK to have their vehicle completely transformed. Specialising in styling and customisation, the Black Stag team work closely with customers to help create their dream vehicles, offering a range of services including wide-arch kits, interior trims, bonnet scoops, colour coding and much more. They also offer hydro dipping, which gives a bespoke finish to interior trims and alloy wheels, to produce a personalised finish. 

You'll find all of AW Smart Repairs and Black Stag Styling’s work posted to social media captioned with their ‘blood, sweat and cake’ hashtag, as an easy way to view their portfolio.  

For more information, please visit or, follow the hashtag #bloodsweatandcakes or search for Black Stag Styling on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok, where the team do regular videos and merchandise giveaways.