Pet shop to open dog play area 

Picture of a dog in Doodledales shop

Doodledales sells pet food, treats, toys and accessories, as well as offering a dog grooming service and a new dog play area opening next month - Credit: Doodledales

A Suffolk pet emporium will be opening an indoor dog play area next month. Doodledales, which has been running for four years, moved to Old Newton, near Stowmarket, last October.  

The family business is run by Jessy Chaston and her parents, Jenny and Brian Roe, and sells carefully-selected pet food, treats, toys and accessories. 

The new indoor play area will be a space that pet guardians can book, either alone or with friends. It will provide the opportunity for dogs to use their senses in an indoor environment, testing out and learning through different activities, and encouraging the dog to make good choices. 

Jessy says: “Offering activities for dogs and owners helps them build solid relationships, and owners will be able to replicate the activities at home, too. 

"Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise, by fulfilling these needs, pets are far less likely to choose inappropriate activities. For example, dogs love to lick or chew - activities that release happy hormones and are self-soothing. Offering carefully-chosen chew toys, lick mats and chewy treats means they can enjoy the process without damage." 

Prior to opening the shop, the family traded at dog events and country lifestyle shows all over the country, fitting harnesses and coats and selling natural treats. Now they offer similar services within the store, using their many years of experience. 

Picture of raw dog food at Doodledales

Doodledales sells 19 brands of raw dog and cat food, as well as dry and wet food - Credit: Doodledales

Good-quality nutrition is also a big focus of the company. Jessy has undertaken a diploma in dog and cat nutrition.  

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Doodledales has 19 brands of raw dog and cat food, as well as dry and wet food. "We encourage owners to feed fresh, but it doesn’t have to be the entire diet, 20% of fresh food within the diet has proven health benefits, that can be raw or cooked food so long as it is appropriate for the pet,” says Jessy. 

The shop also recently became home to Give Your Dog a Comb grooming salon, which is run by Karen Nuttall and offers a gentle and caring approach that fits in with the Doodledales ethos. 

Doodledales is at Unit 6, Lodge Works, Stowmarket Road, Old Newton, Stowmarket, IP14 4EE. The shop is open Monday to Saturday, 9.30am-5.30pm. Free parking is available. For more information visit 

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