The 65 historic sites around Suffolk that are at risk

A major conservation and archaeological project has been carried out at Mettingham Castle.For: E

Mettingham Castle is one of the sites at risk of further degradation - Credit: Emily Dennis

More than 65 heritage sites of importance are at risk in Suffolk.

Historic England has listed a number of sites from churches to barns as well as large imposing sites such as Bungay Castle.

The heritage sites can be large historical sites, smaller or less visible areas of archaeological importance and buildings which are of historical significance.

There are 17 churches on the list as well as houses, a factory, and a windmill.

Fortifications such as those in Bungay and Mettingham have also been listed.

A spokesman for Historic England said the register was an "annual snapshot" of the country's historic places that need the most help. 

The spokesman added: "The register is there to bring attention to places in need of TLC and by doing so that can open up opportunities for funding. It can also help interested groups come together to find solutions to save our much-loved heritage."

Pic for Eastern Daily Press Norfolk Magazine; Pic for Bryan McNerney feature - The town of Bungay -

Bungay Castle - Credit: Keiron Tovell

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Among the areas highlighted was Bungay Castle which was built in the early 12th century by the Bigod family.

Work was recently completed on the southern tower and gatehouse, but further repairs are required on the keep, curtain walls and northern tower. 

A major conservation and archaeological project has been carried out at Mettingham Castle.For: E

Mettingham Castle - Credit: Emily Dennis

Mettingham Castle was constructed by Sir John De Norwich in 1342 when he was given permission to fortify his preexisting manor house. 

The castle later passed into the hands of an order of secular canons, and following the dissolution of the monasteries was held by a succession of private owners. 

Much of the castle was demolished to make way for a farmhouse in the 18th century, which itself didn't last past 1880, however a substantial portion of the gatehouse and curtain walls survive.

Despite extensive work in 2009 and 2018, further repairs to the gatehouse and curtain walls are urgently needed. 

 One of the Engines letting off plenty of steam at Leiston Long Shop.

A traction engine letting off steam outside the Leiston Long Shop Museum - Credit:

In addition to the castles, local landmarks are on the at risk list.

These include the Long Shop in Leiston, which is a former factory now museum, the cliff top gardens at Bawdsey Manor and Shrubland Hall which is in need of substantial work on both the house and in the gardens.

Bawdsey with Bawdsey Manor

The gardens at Bawdsey manor, seen from the sky. - Credit: Mike Page

The full list is as follows:

Lowestoft North Conservation Area

Church of St Mary, Fish Pond Hill, Harkstead

Settlement Site East of the Cedars, Alderton

Wood Hall Moated Site, Sudbury

Wissington ring ditch cluster, Nayland-with-Wissington

Two Moated sites adjoining All Saints Church, All Saints and St Nicholas

Roman villa north east of Rodbridge House, Long Melford

Martello Tower Z, South East of Buckany farm, Alderton

Barn North of Bentley Hall, Bentley Hall Road, Bentley

Whaley's, St James Road, All Saints and St Nicholas 

Church of St John the Baptist, Low Street, Badingham

Church of St Margaret, Stoven, Bramptop with Stoven

Church of St Andrew, the Street, Alderton

Church of St Andrew, St Andrews Road, Felixstowe

Bawdsey Manor Gardens, Bawdsey

Martello Tower at Rose Cottage, Bawdsey

Rectilinear enclosures 1km southwest of Boyton Hall Farm, Boyton, Hollessey

Friston Post Mill, Mill Road, Friston

Bungay Castle, Bungay

Martello Tower on Felixstowe Golf Course, Felixstowe

Barn North East of Bentley Hall, Bentley Hall Road, Bentley

Church of St Andrew, Church Road, Redlingfield

Church of St Mary, The Street, Horham

Church of All Saints, Church Lane, Stuston

Church of All Saints, Church Street, Stradbroke

Church of St Mary, Hall Late, Nettlestead

Church of St Mary and St Laurence, The street, Great Bricett

Baylham Roman site, Codenham

Barn 200m west of Hall's Farmhouse, Hall's Lane, Norton

Barn at Rook Hall, Eye

Church of the Sacred Heart and attached Presbytery

Shrubland Hall, including attached screen walling on east side, terraces and balustrading on south and west sides, the upper gun terrace, the grand stairs and the grotto, the lower lofia and attached Balustrading and the Umbrello, Barham/Coddenham/Hemingstone.

Bowl Barrow on Waldringfield Heath, Waldringfield

Badley Hall Barn, 100m south east of Badley Hall, Badley

Badley Hall Dovecote 60 m east of Badley Hall, Badley

Poplar Farmhouse, Brome and Oakley

St Mary's Church, Hall Road, Parham

St Andrews' Church, Church Road, Parham

St Peters Church, Yoxford Road, Sibton

Settlement site 300m north of Walnut Tree Farm, Hollesley

Henge and Associated Barrow Cemetery South of Home Whin Farm, Shottisham

Glevering Hall Orangery, Easton Road, Hacheston 

Remains of Sibton Abbey, SIbton

Moat Farmhouse, Shadingfield

Mettingham Castle, Mettingham

The Long Shop, Main Street, Leiston

Haverhill Hamlet Road, Haverhill

Church of St Mary, Cavendish

Church of St Margaret, Little Green, Thrandeston

Church of all Saints, Church Lane, Stuston

Church of St Mary, Church Lane, Yaxley

Church of St John, St Johns Street, Bury St Edmunds

Round Barrows, Risby Poor's Heath, East, Flempton/Lackford/Risby

Sites north west and south east of Fornham All Saints, Fornham All Saints, Hengrave

Three Bowl Barrows 750m west of pin far, Gazeley

Moreton Hall, Bury St Edmunds

Newmarket Conservation area, Newmarket/Snailwell

Church of St Mary, Church Road, Market Weston

Roman Settlement south of Ixworth, Pakenham

Mildenhall Roman Site, West Row

East Low tumulus, Rushbrooke with Roughham

Two Bowl Barrows 150m south east of Warrenhill Farm, Herringswell

Stoke College, Stoke-by-Clare

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