Why I Love Suffolk: Issy Joslin

Issy Joslin

Issy Joslin - Credit: Contributed


Rather than one single day standing out, the place that features most in my early memory’s is the water meadows in Sudbury. What started as walks, picnics and playing at the croft as children, swiftly morphed into being a teenager, spending hours hanging out on the railway bridges with friends. I had no idea how lucky I was growing up against such a beautiful Suffolk backdrop and also how quickly it would go full circle - my own kids now love playing there too.


I only visited for the first time a few years ago but, was totally taken in with the grand Georgian Theatre Royal in Bury St Edmunds. Just before lockdown I had a lovely afternoon there with my mum and daughter watching an adaptation of the children’s classic ‘The Little Prince’


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I feel lucky to be so close to the coast in Suffolk, but even more so since our worlds became that much smaller in the pandemic. A Suffolk highlight is Southwold - with its beautiful beach, coupled with a pretty town crammed full of independent shops, just love it.


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Got to be my hometown of Sudbury. When I left at 18 for university, I felt there was nothing to do in sleepy Suffolk, yet returning to live here when I had my own family, was one of the best decisions we’ve made.

Place to eat

The Prado Lounge in Sudbury - It’s one of those places that feels different as the day goes on. We often take our children here for an early dinner, yet it’s also got a great vibe for dressed up evening cocktails with friends. Plus, it’s perfect for a treat Friday mums lunch (and spritzer to get the weekend started!) before rushing off to do the last school run of the week.

Attraction or Day Out

Back in the early noughties, I loved watching the first Jimmy’s Farm documentary so, it’s been fascinating experiencing the evolution of the site since.

Its also one of those rare family days out where there’s as much for the adults as the children. We all enjoy the animals, my kids then go crazy for the bouncy pillows and playgrounds, while for us the shops and restaurant are a foodie heaven.


I used to love a festival in my 20s, but as I’ve got older, the thought of mud, portacabins and chaotic crowds are no longer my idea of fun. But we then experienced Latitude a couple of years ago - not only was it so much more than a music festival but being smaller, it had such a welcoming atmosphere and way better loos! We were going again this summer, but my husband got the dreaded ping a few days before. At least we’ve got it to look forward to next summer instead now.


I love the Long Melford Antiques, Interiors and Lifestyle centre. It’s a huge warehouse packed with vintage homeware old and repro, It’s my idea of shopping heaven!


Does cake count? Baked by Humphries bright yellow pop-up shop on Sudbury’s Saturday market has already become locally renowned for it’s decadent cake jars and brownies that always sell out.

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