Why I Love Suffolk: Justine Paul

Justine Paul photographed in Hadleigh Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Justine Paul of Suffolk Market Events - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown


We moved to Suffolk in 2008 when our kids were five and three so my memories are all quite recent but I remember climbing to the top of Lavenham Church Tower on it’s open day probably the year after we moved to the village. I looked out with the kids and Alex, across the village and beyond and felt incredibly content we were putting down our family roots in this part of the country.


I love the Martello Towers especially on Shingle Street. They are such a symbol of resilience and I love their simple, no nonsense design which is utter strength and protection. I’ve never been inside one but I’ve seen the brick work online and they look incredible. Maybe one day we’ll book one for a weekend staycation (even if it is only a 30 minute drive away).


Shingle Street. What a special place. I love Shingle Street in the warm sunshine and in the bitter wind. I love the eerie, spooky, foggy atmosphere and the way my mind starts running away with me and I love the houses, the ever surviving sea kale and the sound of the pebbles under your feet. Shingle Street is Suffolk in so many ways for me.

Town or village

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I have a real attachment to Sudbury. We live a couple of miles away and we’ve run the farmers' market in town since 2012 so I feel connected. I see so much potential in Sudbury but it frustrates me that I don’t feel that potential is realised so much of the time. It is full of incredible history and heritage. It is home to a wealth of amazing buildings and the most beautiful secret gardens. The River Stour is just stunning at every turn and the community is creative and passionate and yet I feel that more could be done and should be done to inspire people to get involved, to drum up more enthusiasm and to support the younger generations so they have more incentive to give Sudbury the future it deserves.

Place to eat

Pea Porridge. I love that place! I love the fact it feels like you are sitting in your front room and yet you are eating the most amazing food. For me, the best places to eat are the ones where you can totally relax and just soak it all up and for me Pea Porridge does just that.

Attraction or day out

I love a trip to Felixstowe. Beach Street is a brilliant addition to the town so a really good coffee from Shore Coffee and a slab of cake before walking the dogs along to Landguard Point is always a nice way to spend a day off.


I’m probably biased but I love The Taste of Sudbury Food & Drink Festival. It’s great to see so many local people and visitors alike, enjoying the amazing local food and drink that we are so lucky to have in this part of the country.


This is difficult because I have a number of favourite shops but I’d have to say LoveOne on St Peter’s Street in Ipswich because it is proper quirky, full of little finds you can’t get anywhere else and I have utter admiration for Cathy, the owner who never fails to see the positive in Ipswich and flies the flag for our county town higher than anyone else.

I also love Posy in Lavenham because it has the cutest window and Lienne who owns the shop is not only an extremely talented artist but she also makes the most exquisite fudge.


Baron Bigod – the best cheese in Suffolk.

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