Home improvement: How often do you really use that luxury bath you fitted? Britains admit to having just four baths a year

The increasing popularity of showers mean we are using our baths, less and less

The increasing popularity of showers mean we are using our baths, less and less - Credit: Getty Images/Fuse

When was the last time you had a bath?

Fewer people take baths as showering increases

Fewer people take baths as showering increases - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

No, I am not trying to be intrusive, but at a time when we are spending more and more money on having luxury bathrooms in our homes - we are actually using them less for bathing.

Only a generation ago there were still homes locally where bath night meant heating up water to fill a tin bath in the kitchen.

Now every house has a bathroom - or even more than one - and it is very often a luxury part area of the home.

But research for hotel website Laterooms.com found that more than a third of people surveyed actually take just four baths a year.

It is not because we are dirtier though - it is the rising popularity of taking showers.

In a world where we are increasingly in a hurry, Britons, on average take 277 showers a year.

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Thirty-five per cent of those surveyed admit they take only four baths year.

Of those 47% say two of those baths are likely to take place when they are staying in a hotel.

Despite 75% of the nation still having both a bath and shower in their home bathroom and three-quarters of householders saying baths are more relaxing and better for ‘me’ time, it is the shower that sees the most action.

But the UK doesn’t shower or bath on 111 days of the year.

For 35% of the nation the decision to take a shower instead of a bath is simply a time issue – showers are quicker.

In fact I have visited several new homes, which have both an en suite shower to the master bedroom and a family bathoom, and the bathroom has never been used by the first home owners.

The study revealed that, even as adults, 60% of us share a bath with our partner, especially if staying in a hotel.

Even businessmen are more likely to take a bath when staying in a hotel.

LateRooms spokesman Andrea Tarpey said they polled more than 2,000 adults.

“Our research shows that almost a quarter of the UK (24%) admits that even when plunged into a relaxing bubble bath they can’t resist using their smartphone to check up on social media and texts.

“According to these new statistics, the average time Brits spend soaking in a tub of hot water is 20 minutes.

“What is abundantly clear is that while our busy lives mean we don’t have as much time to enjoy a hot soak in a lovely bath as we’d like, we still prefer them to showers.

“And that means when we take a relaxing trip away from home we’re much more likely to indulge ourselves by taking a bath whilst in a hotel.”