Home Improvement: Make an elegant entrance to your home

Hallways .... spaces that work in the home

Hallways .... spaces that work in the home - Credit: Archant

It’s an oft-neglected area when it comes to a house. But the entrance to your home is vitally important in setting the tone of all that lies within.

Hallways .... spaces that work in the home

Hallways .... spaces that work in the home - Credit: Archant

Here interior designer Jojo Humes Brown takes a closer look at how to make the most of what you have.

Antiqued metal console table

Antiqued metal console table - Credit: Archant

Let’s start on the kerb. Stand still and take a good look at your property in all its glory.

A clean entrance way

A clean entrance way - Credit: Archant

Does it say welcoming? Does it look warm, inviting and attractive? Or does it make you want to turn on your heel and run in the opposite direction?

Front doors

In the spirit of spring-cleaning, sprucing up your front door is a marvellous way to lift your home from the outside in.

And, like the old adage says, first impressions count.

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Make a statement by giving your front door a blast of colour. And don’t be afraid to try something new.

Go bold and bright or dark and dramatic.

Clean off any dirty spots around the knob, and use metal polish on the door fixtures. Your entry should reflect the home’s interior.

The heart of the hallway

The hallway is a functional space. But it’s also the most well-used room or passageway in a house.

People walk through it every hour of the day, but nobody spends much time there.

This means it needs to provide all the facilities a hallways needs. But it can also afford to be a little more daring than a living room or bedroom.

Start with what makes life easier.

For starters you need somewhere to hang your coat - and this should not be on the newel post at the bottom of the stairs.

It sounds painfully obvious but I am often surprised when I visit a client and there is no coat rack, cupboard or hook to be seen.

Flooring is a key area to pay attention to as well. Whether wooden, tiled or carpeted, consider pros and cons and look for something hardwearing.

A barrier mat or doormat will be your best friend here and prevent mud (or worse) from being carried through the house.

I love to use rugs too as these not only add colour and texture but protect whatever is underneath.

A brand I love is Pappelina which is a super durable and can be used inside or outside.

It is made from woven plastic but will withstand the rigours of life with kids and dogs.

Locally you can get them at www.vanil.co.uk who also have a shop in Church Street, Woodbridge with a great selection.

Clean, clear, controlled

A hallway needs focal points, areas of interest, texture. It also needs adequate lighting.

The nature of these spaces though is that they lead on to other areas of the house, so keeping in with the overall colour palette of your home will make your space flow better.

A table will create a pleasing focus of attention in your entrance and if you place a great table lamp on it, it will add a lovely atmosphere and be a welcome sight coming in from the dark.

Alternatively, in a narrow hall, add a console table or a ledge.

This gives you somewhere to put letters and a useful spot for a small dish or two to put your coins and keys in.

One fundamental rule is that you should always try to keep the entrance hall as clear as possible.

Make the most of it

So we have dealt with the practicalities. Now let’s have some fun.

Think about what you want the impact of your hallway to be.

You could make a statement with strong colour or place mirrors along one wall to widen the space.

If you collect art or prints, then hanging pictures in an entrance hall shows off your collection in a way you (and your guests) can enjoy.

You could even use it for family photographs.

Finally, I like to add an element of greenery, a small posy of flowers or a friendly succulent.

Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression so do your home a favour and give it the welcoming “wow” it deserves.