The importance of good lighting

Joseph Read is your lighting expert

Joseph Read is your lighting expert - Credit: Joseph Read

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of interior design, with the power to transform any room. But what is the right option for you?

Come along and discuss your ideas with the Joseph Read team

Come along and discuss your ideas with the Joseph Read team - Credit: Joseph Read

When it comes to interior design, lighting can at times, be overlooked. But we all should be paying closer attention to the role that lighting plays - after all, it affects the entire atmosphere of every room we enter. Under different lights, colours can appear more vivid or more muted, textures change and rooms can even seem bigger or smaller than their true size.

This transformative power means that lighting is an important aspect to consider when designing any space - whether that be a hotel lobby, restaurant, office or a family living room. While some rooms require more practical, 'task' lighting, others could be enhanced with some tasteful decorative lighting. The key is to find the solution that suits the space in hand, and this isn't always an easy task.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Founded in 2012, the Joseph Read team are experts in lighting design. They understand the importance of good lighting, and how it can create the perfect mood and atmosphere for any space. Alongside its wide range of top quality products, the company also offers a bespoke design service, allowing clients to craft their very own, custom-made solutions. If you aren't sure what might be the best option for your space, the team is more than happy to help, offering pertinent advice and taking the time to match you with your perfect design.

It has never been easier to meet with the team and to see what Joseph Read has to offer, thanks to the company's newly-opened premises. Based on Dales Road in north-west Ipswich, the spacious studio lets visitors take an up-close look at a wide range of lighting options, from futuristic-looking hanging pendants, ornate lamps and traditional wall lights to practical spotlights and garden lighting solutions.

Stepping through the doors at Joseph Read, it is instantly obvious that this is far from your average showroom. The space is cleverly designed to give visitors an impression of what they would look like in situ, with different areas of the showroom focussing on different lighting options. There's the 'downlight alley' for example, which, as the name might suggest, highlights a number of different LED downlights, allowing guests to explore the merits of each option, comparing and contrasting the various lights as they make their way down the alley. By looking at each of the lights side-by-side, it's much easier to compare the effects that each of them create, taking into consideration aspects such as glare and range of light, among other things.

Designated colour temperature displays also help customers to examine the merits of cool and warm colour, allowing them to envision which side of the spectrum might work best with their décor and furnishings. Guests are also able to browse a vast array of decorative lighting options when visiting Joseph Read, as the studio houses a number of pieces by international designers, including eye-catching Studio Italia pieces and dramatic designs by the US-based Visual Comfort.

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To compliment these existing areas and displays, the team is currently working on a 'garden room', which will showcase exterior lighting options. The vision is that by creating these immersive displays, customers will gain a better understanding of the lighting options that best suit their space, and can feel happy and satisfied with every order.

The Joseph Read team is happy to discuss lighting options with you, either over the phone or in person. Visit the studio at 77 Dales Road, Ipswich, IP1 4JR, or call 01473 708616 for more information.