How a 'snagging report' could give you peace of mind with your property

New build house in construction in English countryside

If you are thinking of buying a new property, it's worth considering a a ‘snagging report’, which specifically highlights issues to be resolved, particularly by the developer - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Rebecca Janman from Iceni Surveyors discusses the importance of a 'snagging report', and why it could give you peace of mind when purchasing a new-build home.

You have bought the property of your dreams, but as the rose tinted glasses slip off and the property is ‘lived in’, you may start to notice cracks appearing.

A special report called a ‘snagging report’, which we provide when you buy a new property, specifically highlights issues to be resolved, particularly by the developer. Getting this done early (preferably even before you exchange or complete) will mean there is more chance these items are fixed prior to you moving in.

Couple moving furniture into new house after it has been built

Getting a snagging report done early - preferably even before you exchange or complete - will mean there is more chance these items are fixed prior to you moving in - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

You are also covered with a ten-year structural warranty from exchange of contracts, and this lasts up to a maximum of 10 years after the legal completion date. NHBC, LABC and Premier will all expect the developer or builder to resolve any faults within the first two years and will only step in if there is a dispute with anything structural, flagged up or unclear with your new property.

There is an alternative to a warranty called a ‘Professional Consultants’ Certificate’ (PCC). Formerly known as an Architects Certificate, it is valid for six years and confirms a property has been built in accordance with drawings and instructions approved under building control, or the building contract. It does not cover structural defects.

With a PCC you can claim direct and won’t have to go through the developer first. Many developers find this to be a more attractive option as they do not have to foot the bill for the first two years.

Rebecca Janman, a young female property surveyor, standing outside a building and smiling at the camera

Rebecca Janman, of Iceni Surveyors - Credit: Iceni Surveyors

Let’s just clear up some of the less structural quandaries for you:

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1. Structural warranty – These include ONLY the structure. Kitchen units, tiling, flooring choices, wall and woodwork finishing and other internal additions are NOT included within this cover. These need to be documented and added to your initial snagging list.

2. Reasonable timeframes – One man’s hour is another man’s week, so we always recommend that you determine your developer or builders take on ‘reasonable’. We have recently had a client wait just under a year for a ceiling repair and just over for some squeaky floorboards.

3. Wear and tear – Ah, the woolly or grey areas. If you have three dogs and a beige carpet, it is unlikely that you will win an argument on reasonable use of the lounge carpet. However, if you have hard floors and within weeks, they start to lose colour or fade, you have a case for replacement.

At Iceni Surveyors, we provide a detailed report for a new purchase, with over 80% of buyers identifying defects through our full survey. This helps avoid unnecessary delays allowing you to move into your perfect new home.

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