Video: Delight for Steve Woolnough as his new turf is laid a month after late-night thieves pinched his lawn

FOR the past month Steve Woolnough has been forced to look out at a bland and empty front garden after thieves pinched his front lawn.

The bizarre theft, which saw his 100sq ft of astroturf stolen overnight, took place on March 19. It is believed the thieves had planned the theft and used a vehicle to take the lawn.

The story made international headlines after the Star broke the exclusive last month, reaching as far afield as the USA, Australia and India.

But today the dad-of-two’s woes can be put to bed after an astroturf company based in Nottingham travelled down from the Midlands to fix his new garden for free.

“I’m looking forward to getting back to normality,” said Mr Woolnough, of Bramford Lane.

“I’ve had to look out on a sand pit and now it’s going to be back to how it should be. It’s going to be nice.”

Astroturf company, Citigrass, were quick to get in touch with Mr Woolnough after reading his story online, offering him a free piece of astroturf to replace the stolen lawn.

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Ellie Blackburn, the company’s sales manager, said she was shocked when she discovered what happened and she told the Star they were doing all they could to make sure this turf would not be taken.

“If someone tried to remove it, they would also be removing the concrete,” she said.

“I felt really sorry for him. I was shocked but we were keen to help. It’s nice to give something back.”

Mr Woolnough has now installed CCTV cameras to catch any would-be thieves.

The 54-year-old admitted the media frenzy surrounding his story caught him off-guard.

And while the experience has been novel, he is now looking forward to putting it all behind him.

He said: “It went international and it was just crazy – someone said it was even on Indian TV.

“That’s the fun side of it and the crazy way things go sometimes.

“I’m getting this piece of grass fitted today and I’m looking for closure now.

“It’s been a laugh but you have to move on.”