Discover the benefits of elective home education

Jacquelyn and her four children

Jacquelyn and her four children - Credit: Jacquelyn MacDonald-Fawcett

Across Suffolk, hundreds of families have chosen to step into a brave new world by deciding to electively home educate (EHE) their children.

Step Forward Education offers outstanding English and Maths lessons to EHE children, while giving them access to a friendly, nurturing and interactive environment, without the constraints of the mainstream system.

Owner and English teacher Jacquelyn MacDonald-Fawcett has over 12 years experience as a teacher, whilst also being Head of Learning Support and the Special Needs Coordinator for a local school.

Jacquelyn started Step Forward as she believed not all mainstream schools were able to provide the optimum environment and standard of education for children who needed extra help and support. Jacquelyn says: “Step Forward provides inclusive access to quality teaching and learning for children of all ages and abilities, and we welcome children with additional needs as they thrive in our environment.

“We offer four classes a week, and each has group a maximum number of 10 students; this enables us to really get to know each student, to tailor the lessons around the student’s individual needs and to give them the one-on-one time and attention every pupil deserves.

“While teaching my son at home, who is on the autistic spectrum, I realised that although he was receiving a greater standard of education, he missed the social interaction of other students. By launching Step Forward, I was able to help my son and the many other EHE students in the region to connect.”

Each week, Step Forward runs four groups, which are categorised by ability rather than age. Students receive a one-hour English lesson with Jacquelyn or a one-hour Maths lesson with second teacher Sally Rice, followed by a 30-minute break where students are encouraged to be active and socialise if they wish. Jacquelyn and Sally will then lead the second group of students for an hour-long lesson.

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Step Forward is based in both Ipswich and Felixstowe, in modern buildings that have plenty of outdoor space. Although physical classes have been temporarily postponed due to Covid-19, Step Forward is running online sessions and is welcoming new students to join the groups.

For more information, please visit or contact Jacq on 07734701957.