Why I Love Suffolk - Tony Moorcroft

Tony Moorcroft shares why he loves Suffolk

Tony Moorcroft shares why he loves Suffolk - Credit: Getty/Contributed

I’ve lived in Suffolk nearly 30 years and two things jump out. My daughter getting married two years ago on a beautiful day at Butley Priory. What a grand and awesome venue.
Secondly my granddaughter being born a Suffolk girl (her mum is from Leeds and dad from Norwich) in Felixstowe.
Suffolk is such a beautiful place to create great family memories.

The old Toys R Us building near Copdock was always a sign I was nearly home especially when I’d been away from a while. I still always look even though it’s not there any more.

It has to be Aldeburgh, especially with fish and chips!

Town or village
It has to be Woodbridge where I now live. 
I remember the first time we visited here and it blew me away. Such a beautiful market town, great architecture, by a beautiful river, amazing pubs and places to eat. But, more importantly, a diverse, supportive and active community.
A great place to talk, run, sail, paddleboard, eat, drink and just get to know people.
I love to run along the river at sunrise and see a completely different scene every time. 

Place to eat
For consistently excellent food, service and atmosphere it has to be The Unruly Pig. Brendan, Dave, Karl and the team set the benchmark for places to eat around here. Always the place for a special dinner. If I want somewhere right on the doorstep, then it has to be Spice Bar at The Table which stands out as being the only place nearby to do innovative anion/fusion food.

The Anchor in Woodbridge is a proper boozer, with good beers and great food and a wonderful atmosphere. I love that you can engage in a conversation with people who may be 20 years younger or older than you and everyone is on the same level. 

Day out
Somewhere quiet and by the river. The sunset at Ramsholt, especially on  paddleboard, is literally jaw-dropping. Running through the woods near Sutton Hoo at sunrise, looking over Woodbridge. Shingle Street with a bracing wind looking out to sea. Suffolk has some stunning coastlines and river views, so anything  near water at sunset or sunrise.

The Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival takes place on or around my birthday and it’s become a tradition for me to go there with my daughter. I love that the best of Suffolk food and drink is represented there. It’s lovely to wander round chatting to the producers, bumping into friends, whilst grazing and drinking all day. Suffolk has some amazing food and drink producers and it’s brilliant to see them all together over a weekend.

Pump Street Bakery/Pump Street Chocolate Shop in Orford. Pump Street have been baking their iconic sourdoughs for over 10 years now and we went in their first week and they have maintained the quality ever since. We were also lucky enough to try some of their early chocolate attempts so it’s great to see how they have evolved.
Both shops are magical.

Stokes sauces - especially their brown sauce.