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Meet some of the friendly team at Rula

Meet some of the friendly team at Rula - Credit: Umar Shamshoom

Domiciliary care provider, Rula Homecare Ltd, offers top-quality services to Ipswich and the surrounding areas, spanning Suffolk and north Essex.

In May 2021, Rula Homecare expanded from being a temporary provider for residential home nursing staff, to offering domiciliary care to the wider community.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of clients who want to use our services, so it’s been a really positive transition for us,” says director Umar Shamshoom.

“We’re now focusing on welcoming more staff members to our team, so we’re able to support even more members of the community by providing them with our top-quality care.”

Umar and his wife Louise are looking for kind, caring and sociable staff, who are passionate about providing high-quality care to the community. Having experience within the care sector is desirable, but not essential, as all new employees receive full, extensive training.

Company namesake, Rula Shamshoom     

Company namesake, Rula Shamshoom - Credit: Rula Shamshoom

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Training will include one-to-one sessions with either Umar or Louise, as well as a number of online courses, to ensure all staff are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed. New members will also receive assistance with DBS applications and counselling support from a BACP registered counsellor.

Louise says: “We’re very particular with our recruitment process, as we value our staff very highly, and understand how important it is to employ the right people – not only for our clients, but for our staff’s satisfaction, too.

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Rula Homecare operates a ‘door always open’ policy for both staff and clients, and aim to make everyone feel like part of a family. “We are very lucky, as we seem to attract very kind and compassionate people who want to work for us,” says Umar. “I think this is because we’ve built a reputation that attracts staff, as we prioritise them and make sure we meet their needs.

“As we know our team members are happy, supported and fulfilled in their careers, we’ve seen that they always go above and beyond for our clients, which is exactly the type of service we want to be providing.”

To show their appreciation for all of Rula Homecare’s team members, carers receive a competitive salary and staff meals are often organised to boost team morale. Umar and Louise pride themselves on being hands-on managers, who enjoy getting stuck in with daily duties to ensure there isn’t a divide between management and staff.

Umar and Louise Shamshoom of Rula Homecare

Umar and Louise Shamshoom of Rula Homecare - Credit: Umar Shamshoom

“Treating our staff well is one of our highest priorities, and we believe this is reflected in their salaries,” says Umar. “For us at Rula Homecare, it’s not about making profit, it’s about ensuring we have happy staff who provide unmatched service and care to our clients.”

As a qualified nurse practitioner, Umar is able to offer clients an extra level of support, by recognising early signs of failing health. Recently, one of Rula Homecare’s clients displayed

symptoms of aspiration pneumonia. Thanks to Umar’s training and quick thinking, the client was able to receive life-saving treatment much earlier than if symptoms were left to develop.

Umar also insisted that a second client, who had recently had a fall, went to the hospital to have an ECG. After several tests, doctors were able to discover that the client’s fall was due to abnormal heart rhythms, and they were able to administer treatment accordingly.

As a trained counsellor, Louise is also able to offer an extra level of support, by listening to clients and staff, and offering professional advice.

Umar created the agency after his sister and company namesake, Rula, passed away. Rula was a very sensitive and caring person – the mother company Rula Care Ltd was born from a vision to create a care agency that would show both of these qualities. He wanted her name to live on in something good and meaningful on a daily basis, even though she is no longer with us.

If you would like more information about a career with Rula Care, call 07464 462629, email: or visit

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