1,000 species lost - Buglife

LOST Life, a new report from Natural England, the Government’s conservation agency, suggesting that species are continuing to decline brought a mixed response from other organisations.

The Country Land and Business Association claimed the authors should concentrate on the real world of the present - not hark back down the centuries to historic extinctions.

However, the Lost Life report does confirm what most conservation groups have been saying for some years - that despite all the agri-environment schemes and voluntary initiatives biodiversity (the range of species in the UK) is still in decline.

Matt Shardlow, chief executive of Buglife, said the report provided further confirmation that “we are in the midst of an extinction crisis... happening here in England under our very noses”.

He said: “Because it takes 30 years or more for small animals to be declared extinct the report underestimates the number of species of beetles, flies, bees and other insects and invertebrates that are becoming extinct. “We estimate that in the last 40 years between 500 and 1,000 species of invertebrates have become extinct but have yet to be declared as such.”

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